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Electrical Systems for Conduit, conduit sweeps and conduit duct bank

Electrical Systems for Conduit, conduit sweeps and conduit duct bank

I do both electrical design and construction coordination.  It would be a huge benefit to have the default systems changed for the conduit service type parameter, i.e, Normal, Emergency, Critical, Life Safety, UPS, etc., the ability to add additional systems as needed, similar to what is done on the M&P side and have these properties transfer to Navisworks for easy filtering.


I know you can change the radius of a conduit bend to simulate an underground sweep that is very commonly done, can you add an option or systems conduit that works like a spline so we can add in these large sweeps.  This would save a ton of time modifying a huge network of direct bury conduit by eliminating the elbows that at time generate errors when using the multi conduit tool.


Also, I used the mechanical duct when doing site work, can we add a duct bank systems family for the electrical side?  Duct bank does not function like mech duct and I have to use a filter when identifying the different site systems.  I do very large medium voltage projects, so this would be a huge help with coordination and usability.


I agree, this would make things a lot easier if we had a System Type for conduit and cable tray much like pipe and duct. We all have workarounds but it would be nice to have this feature.


Please add a Duct Bank systems family! Every coordination meeting I get into I have to explain that the Duct Bank for electrical was created with Duct and the alternative is to create an in place family with sweeps which kills time.

Thank you,

Jack Trexler


I hope they overhaul the conduit and cable tray system families in many ways. This is one aspect that needs implementing,


This is still a much needed addition that needs to be implemented. Our staff has to model duct banks on every project, and not having this specific category available caused us to come up with work arounds that aren't the greatest. My team has requested this and expressed how urgent this need is.

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