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Dropdown Lists for Parameters (Comboboxes)

Dropdown Lists for Parameters (Comboboxes)

I know there is a workaround for combo boxes within parameters of objects. But in my opinion this is not a good solution (see attached screenshot). The more "values" you have created in the same family type the longer the list will be! We need the possibilty to define parameters and their values within combo boxes. So the the user can choose between some given values.


This is especially important for data exchange and mapping of attributes. When you have 10 users creating a model you will get at least 5 different names for the same attribute!

So vote for ComboBox-Parameter to solve this issue.







Different families can be loaded in a host family.

For example in a door family there can be loaded

different doors and doorknops.


If I make a family parameter for:

- doorknobs
- doors
And the category of the nested families for doors and doorknops are the same

then in both list i get the door and doorknops.


I want to see the doorknobs in my family type parameter doorknobs dropdownlist
I want to see the doors in my family type parameter doors dropdownlist



In the family editor, we can link a parameter to a lookup table for easy access to the correct ranges. For example a shared parameter called "AcousticRating". This is well and good (If many outside of MEP actually use the feature? About that I have serious doubts!). But the same parameter is better placed as a project parameter, as I do not have to add to each and every family AND can add the parameter to both loaded and system families.


I would like to suggest, that we could add approved ranges of data to project parameters in a dialog, not through a csv lookup.

We would need to be able to have different ranges to different categories, as for example "FireRating" at least under the EU standard, are not just "30-H, 60-H", but different ranges for doors and walls.

In the same manner, we can only export to certain IFC ranges. My floors, ceilings, top roof etc. are exported to IfcCovering, + a covering type enumeration selection, where it might be illogical to be able to export a stair to IfcCovering.




Would be nice if we can have a "multiple choice" parameter type for parameters that go beyond the "Family Type" parameter type.


The valuewill be constrained to a handful of user-designated options upon creation which can be expanded upon at a later date if necessary. The property stores the value options within it, and it could be an additional checkbox that can be added to any type of parameter (angle, text, number, etc.)




We need (in my opinion) a mutually exclusive parameter that works like a list of radio buttons so that someone using the family in future can select only one of a list of linked options Or possibly a Type of a Family Type would work.


My issue is modelling furniture where often items are only available in a fixed range of widths and also a fixed range of heights (and in some cases fixed depths and other parameters).


Example a table can be one of 4 different widths in one of 3 different heights, a full family type option makes that 12 options to choose from whereas either of the above options would reduce it to either 3 or 4 options.

(this is a simplified example, sometimes I have 4 Widths, 4 Heights and 4 Depths plus sometimes some other options so you would end up with 100's of types to achieve what you want!)


Yes there are work arounds but why be so complicated if there could be a simple solution Smiley Happy 

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Complex families often make use of nested families.  The way the <Family Category> parameter currently works any family of the type loaded directly into the family, or any shared family of the type in the project. This causes problems and introduces opportunities for error when unsuitable families appear in the drop down list.  Example:

  • A custom door may use different families for frames, panels, hardware and clearances
  • While in the family you could use alternate categories (e.g. generic for clearances), but there aren't enough logical options for complex families.  Shared families of the same type will still appear in the project. Doing so also makes it difficult to control visibility in the project unless the user is very familiar with the family (you expect door clearances to have a subcategory under doors)

What is needed:

A way to filter the available choices in a <family type> drop down



After a <family type> parameter is selected another option appears/becomes accessible to add a filter.  This could be a "Filter" button and could open up a new dialog similar to the third panel of the project filter dialog, where available parameters from the family type are offered.  Example filter rules:

  • "Family" Begins With "Dr_Clearance"
  • "OmniClass Number" Equals ""
  • "Type Name" Contains "Hardware

It would be great to be able to create drop down lists in custom parameters whatever the type (project, family, and so on) to provide a list values defined by the administrator or the project manager.
This would enable to get standard inputs to reduce the number of different texts for the same input in the same field.



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In the project environment the Properties dialog can contain Text boxes,  Check boxes, Dropdown boxes and Command buttons.


Please allow us to specify Dropdown buttons and Radio buttons for our component family parameters?

Please also allow us to populate these buttons with graphic images as well as text?


For example: Width: 100 | 200 | 300.

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Hi all,


I very often using Embedded families in my works and I very want to get feature of filtering list this families in parameters by expressions:

  • equal
  • does not equal
  • contains
  • ...
  • is greater than
  • ...
  • begin with
  • ...
  • etc.

Thanks! Please vote!


ASK Revit - Filtered Embedded families.png




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Enable parameters to have predefined list of values without having to use Family Type Parameters.

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Enable Family Type Parameter to filter between multiple loaded families of the same category.

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I would like to see the ability to set a list of valid entries to a list. For example, a door family may have several nested families for panels, frames, handles, etc. A family type parameter for panels would have a drop-down list with Panel A, Panel B, etc. while a family type parameter for handles would have a drop-down for Handle A, Handle B, etc. The contents of each list would be defined by the creator of the family.


I am currently creating a Revit-Family. Wenn creating Parameters for the family there is no real Drop-Down-List to add as a parameter. This is a shame it a situation were i want to limit and at the same time guide the user by allowing only a limited amount of options to choose from. For instance, my Family is a box. The length of the Box can be either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Meters. The Height can be either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Meters, and the width can be either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Meters. I could create 125 Family-Types to get my drop-down-List or I could use Conditioning-Formulars to convert the User-Input into one of the allowed options. But None of these methods are userfriendly... The User will spend too much time selecting the right Family-Typ or time guessing which input does convert to the right size. --> Please add a Drop-Down-List to the Parameter-Types.


as an extra-feature to the Drop-Down-List, add visual parameter dependencies. As an examble, if the color-parameter of the box have been changed to pink then some of the options in the drop-down-list are either grayed out or not visible. If the color then changes back to black, then all the options in the drop-down-list is selectable.


I really hope Autodesk takes this idea on board. It would set an important milestone in Revit history, having this capability would be a game changer. The way families work at the moment is starting to feel extremely outdated


This would be an extremely useful feature for the family type parameter, being able to limit the selection to only specific family types. As of now, the only thing I can do is tell everyone using it to make sure they use the appropriate family type so nothing gets messed up.


I want this too.


@kimberly.fuhrman  could you please combine this Idea with the Idea Dropdown Lists for Parameters (Comboboxes) from mweinholzer?


@Mark.Friis  Absolutely! Thank you for notifying me.


Hi @mweinholzer, @Mark.Friis,@marieHPAJL, @AGGilliam and all,

We are currently working on exactly these topics in our very own property palette. If you are interested in participating in the early stage to help development just let me know. We were tired of waiting for Autodesk to do this. 


Be able to create a parameter type for lists, so a predefined list can be used within Revit to allow for managed selections instead of manually having to type the information in.

Something like the Excel Drop-Down List.


2021-10-07 07_39_05-Window.png

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