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Customize View Discipline Settings

Customize View Discipline Settings

I would like to have the ability to customize the View Discipline settings.  Alternatively, get rid of the baked-in discipline settings, and add those settings to Visibility/Graphics.


Example: I'd like to have views displayed as a combination of the Mechanical and Coordination view settings.


  • Non-MEP elements to appear halftone automatically as provided by the Mechanical discipline setting.
  • Pipe and Duct center lines to be visible as provided by the Mechanical discipline setting.
  • MEP elements to display hidden when behind or beneath structural elements (walls, floors, columns, etc.).  This can be partially achieved by using the Coordination discipline setting with "Show Hidden Lines" set to "All".  However, I don't want all hidden lines to be visible and still want the auto-half tone for non-MEP elements.

This is one of the most common complaints within our organization regarding the appearance of our deliverables.


Would like more customization of discipline views - (i.e. control of architectural display on mechanical view or piping in a structural view, etc.)


suggested by: BAM/Black&Veatch




Below is the main functionality I'm after.  The Half-tone can dealt with within Visibility/Graphics.


  • MEP elements to display as hidden lines when behind, beneath, or within structural elements (walls, floors, columns, etc.).  This can be partially achieved by using the Coordination discipline setting with "Show Hidden Lines" set to "All".  However, I don't want all hidden lines to be visible.

I'd love a <None> Discipline choice too.  Where all visibility was driven by Visibility Graphics with nothing driven by the Discipline choice. Giving all control to the user.




Currently DISCIPLINE only has 6 options (Architectural, Structural Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Coordination). More disciplines are required though.  By activating a button under additional settings it would open a window, whereby you could add disciplines to this list. So if I needed another type of discipline I could add one. As an example I might want to add a discipline called "Fire Control". Then sub disciplines like sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing equipment, smoke ventilation, escape route plans... could be placed under this discipline

If not please add the following which have many sub disciplines of their own.



-Interior Design




I believe there are too many disciplines. There should be clear distinction between MAIN disciplines and subdisciplines.

MAIN disciplines should be: Coordination, Architectural, Structural, Building Services.

Subdisciplines should be grouped by MAIN discipline, like:

  Coordination: Design, Construction Site Organisation, Logistics, etc

  Architecture: Exterior, Interior, Landscaping, etc

  Structural: Formwork, Reinf. Concrete, Steel/Other metals, Wood, Composite structures

  Building Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Sanitary, HVAC, Fire Detection & Design, Security/CCTV/Telecom,

If you need even more sub-subdisciplines like sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing equipment, smoke ventilation, escape route plans, maybe you could create worksets for each one.

Not applicable


The "half-tone" method is used by my company since we discovered the problem, but it's not a real solution. We have a bug with center line of pipe wich is managed by wall hidden line in coordination view, that's a big problem because we want to show wall hidden lines in a specific line style and pipe centerline in axis line style on the same view. The lock of discipline view settings doesn't allow us to produce the deliverable correctly.


We really need to customize the discipline view as we can do it for all other view parameters in Revit. I'd prefer to have a <Customized> view Discipline name, because <none> is a bit abstract. 



Mon entreprise utilise la méthode palliative depuis que nous avons découvert le problème, mais ce n'est pas une vraie solution. Nous avons un bogue avec la ligne centrale du tuyau qui est géré par la ligne cachée du mur en vue de coordination. C'est un gros problème car nous voulons afficher les lignes cachées du mur dans un style de ligne spécifique et l'axe du tuyau dans le style de ligne d'axe sur la même vue. Le verrouillage des paramètres de vue de discipline ne nous permet pas de produire correctement le livrable.


Nous devons vraiment personnaliser la vue de discipline, comme nous pouvons le faire pour tous les autres paramètres de vue dans Revit. Je préférerais avoir une vue discipline <Personnalisée>, car <aucune> est un peu abstrait.


External Refrence on AUGI: More Disciplines


In terms of "out-of-the-box" discipline types, Revit's built-in discipline parameter still only includes Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Coordination. My suggestion would be allowing the creation of additional types, managed within Project Settings, while keeping the current list "rigid" (cannot be modified or deleted). This would eliminate the need to use a separate project or shared parameter to create a discipline type for "Process" or "Infrastructure". At minimum several new types should be added as options to the built-in parameter, such as Infrastructure, or something else for Speciality (my firm designs process piping, so naturally something similar would be ideal). 




In terms of the interface to create the additional discipline options, I would add a button for this new "Discipline Settings" dialog box both from the View Properties window (either the drop down or small button beside it), along with Manage>Additional Settings>Disciplines. As each built-in discipline displays objects slightly differently, the settings would presumably need to either allow creation of a new type based on the built-in type ("Process" would be like a child of Mechanical, "Low Voltage" a child of Electrical) or, more preferably, ability to customize the visual styles matching the differences between the built-in styles (hidden lines, etc.). 


Ability to add disciplines to this list on a project basis would then enable filtering for section/callout view types, elevations, etc. to function far smoother along with ability to group and categorize views. 


Thank you for your consideration of this idea. 

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In addition to this, I would like the ability to control what categories of elements become automatically halftone based upon view category. 


@kimberly.fuhrman please combine with:

Customize the Built-In Discipline Parameter - Autodesk Community


Related which may also require a combine:

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Some thought should also be given to how this idea would work if this idea is implemented: Tabbed project browser - Autodesk Community


Adding a discipline for fire protection. What are the arguments against it?

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I have 2 requests to add greater functionality to Autodesk Revit.


1) - Create a new Discipline for HVAC


2) - Add new Visibility Categories for HVAC equipment to allow isolation of HVAC items from Mechanical items.


Please read on to allow further explanation of this concept.


HVAC Discipline

It would be very helpful to isolate the HVAC plans and sections by having a separate discipline for HVAC views.  Currently all HVAC plans and views, are forced to use the discipline of Mechanical.  However, someone could argue that HVAC items are mechanical in nature.  However Mechanical and HVAC are still very different from each other, and we need the ability to isolate them from one another by adding a new discipline for HVAC.  For example when you have a HVAC Plan view and you create a section on that view.  The plan view has a discipline assigned as Mechanical.  Now, If you go to any of your Mechanical views, this HVAC section now shows up on all Mechanical plan views because it has the same discipline assigned to them and it will show up on all Mechanical views.   


This same concept of isolating mechanical from our Plumbing is why we have a separate discipline for our plumbing views.   Revit currently has a discipline for Plumbing and so we are able to isolate and separate the plumbing sheets, views and sections and equipment from our mechanical sheets.  The Revit plumbing discipline allows us to isolate our plumbing views and equipment from our mechanical views.  We need this same luxury with HVAC plans and views. 


HVAC Visibility Categories

In addition to this request, we also need to have added visibility categories for HVAC Equipment.  When we assign the HVAC equipment families a category, we are forced to categorize them as mechanical equipment because Revit doesn't have a separate category for HVAC Equipment.  That way we can turn HVAC equipment off when we don't want to see them on our Mechanical views.


I work for a company which touches all disciplines.  Structural, Architecture, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Instrumentation.  On our Mechanical sheets, we don't want to see HVAC equipment most of the time.  We want to hide these items or fade them back to show it is not related to the Mechanical system.  When we have HVAC equipment categorized as Mechanical equipment, it makes it difficult to isolate these systems and control the visibility of these items throughout the drawings.


I propose that Autodesk adds a new discipline of HVAC and also adds new visibility categories to allow the flexibility and control to isolate these systems on our drawings.  


Thanks for considering my proposal.




I think that at least it should be possible in HVAC discipline (plumbing and electricity also) to be able to modify the visibility of linked files
(halftone or background level or nothing) as for the other disciplines: architecture, structure or coordination.
Thanks for considering this easy proposal

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