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Create a dedicated Fill Pattern Lineweight pen

Create a dedicated Fill Pattern Lineweight pen

Currently the Model Line Weight Pen no1 is hardcoded as the Lineweight for Fill Patterns. Please provide dedicated pen numbers for Fill Patterns so we can assign lineweights to Fill patterns. 




Wow - that's a good one! I never noticed this (since we use LW 1 for our patterns anyway). So should this be in the Materials dialog (as separate settings for Surface and Cut Patterns)? V/G Overrides should include Line Weight as an option in the Patterns categories also.


At first I was confused because "Line Weight" is a Type Property of Filled Regions. Now I'm realizing that if you set it to anything other than 1, your FRs and Detail Components won't match your live element standards...


What's also odd, is ceilings seem to get LW2, and there's some kind of "fading" applied as the scale changes (how would that affect Filled Regions?):


Please implement this basic functionality. Otherwise, it's hard to get what AutoCAD veterans call "good looking drawings".


FYI, I stumbled across an add-in (Egan Project Startup) :

that lets you "adjust cut and surface pattern line weights for Ceilings, Floors, Roofs and Walls." We use it to auto-open Worksharing Monitor, suppress the local file dialog (with automatic append), an icon to open our start view, and central file name & path parameters.


Agree Agree! 

I am running into this trying to associate a hatch pattern to Foundations. You have to modify LT5 to get that to show up without a really thick line type.


The mechanism is really stupid. Why not make it like filled regions and allow the pattern to control itself?


OH... and 2016 was when this was put up.... does Autodesk even look at these anymore?


For a visual program to create 2D plans, this is a must.
one needs to update a Hatch while in a live setting while comparing to others and in the plan. Not in a mini dialogue box. Autodesk, get on with it. A simple ask from a powerful program and team.

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