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Column Schedule top and bottom level parameter as length value

Column Schedule top and bottom level parameter as length value

I would like to schedule a columns level as the level value, not just the level name so that I can create a calculated value to indicate the top/ bottom of column elevation.


Currently you can only schedule the top/ bottom elevation name and elevation offset. 



Without a value, you cant use a calculated value to get any information regarding the columns elevations. You cant put this sort of information into a tag either.


Please add the ability to schedule this level in columns and other like schedules that reference levels,



I don't think there is any inbuilt parameter which can provide the level elevation in schedule.

You can create shared 2 parameters for the column Base & Top level elevation & provide the value using a simple dynamo script.


Correct, hence the feature request. I love dynamo, but for something like this where columns change all the time, it's just playing Russian roulette, hopeing that everyone remembers to update their parameters whenever there is a change to level elevations that the column may be set to. 


If the graphical column schedule would allow for sorting other than location, it might be a viable way to do this, but it hasn't been updated since it was released way back when.



When you pull the parameter value by name in dynamo, the elevation is right there. Seems like this should be a pretty simple add to make it visible to schedules.


While pulling the parameter value and adding to elements is the work around to get this done. Its less than optimal. People are always changing column heights and offsets throughout the development of a project. It's only a matter of time without this being parametric where someone fogets to update the now manual entry and we end up with a piece of steel that is to short and someone has to pay for it.


I've been told several times that the name "Revit" comes from "Revise Instantly". This is one of the many things that should revise instantly. 🙂

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