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Coloring the rows in schedules

Coloring the rows in schedules

In list views; we need some rows to be shown in color in order to differentiate some materials from one another; for example in door schedule to be able to tell wood doors from cubicle doors and such. But when the row is selected, ‘Appearance’ tab is not active and row can not be colored.

We wish color the rows by using ‘Appearance’ tab and ‘Shading’ command.




it would be great to add the ability to conditionally format rows, columns and cells of a schedule with "contains" or "does not contain" as well as the already given equals or does not equal.  we have field fabricated parts and shop fabricated parts in our spools, we'd like to color rows according to the value of the item number and whether or not it contains the value "FF"

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Please update the latest release with enhancements to the Schedule Appearance tab. It would be beneficial for all to have more flexibility than just coloring rows 1 and 2, or every other. For example, if we could color the first 10 rows of the schedule one color, and differentiate 3 or 4 other sections of the schedule grouped to different colors, that would work well for our prefabricated rack schedules where we can break them out by support type, be it cable tray, feeders or branch.

Revit Schedule.png

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Why is this not a thing yet?   Or, at least being able to select multiple fields and edit their conditional formatting all at once.  


How is this not a thing?


I need this! It would also be great to apply a color scheme to a schedule. For example, I have rooms coloring a certain way in plans (using a color scheme), and it would be great to color the room schedule the exact same way. At the very least, it would be so nice to use the shading feature on rows, not just columns... that seems super basic and easy. 

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It's great that rows can be shaded every other row with the Stripe Rows feature! (as of REVIT 2024, or possibly earlier) 


What would make it even better is if rows could be striped every two or three rows to make charts even easier to read. Wide stripes are easier for the eye to track than narrow stripes, and a reader can remember that they're looking for the information at the top of the gray stripe, for example.  Sort of a combination of these chart concepts:


(image source:






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