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Changing the line thickness in a pattern

Changing the line thickness in a pattern

The current Revit functionality does not respect the line thickness in the pattern and does not allow to change the thickness.


A needed feature would be the ability to change the line thickness of the pattern to allow for free customization. This option would be helpful when using brick patterns, which would allow you to change the thickness of the grout. 




With these tools available, many modified patterns based on the PAT file could be created directly from Revit, without the need to modify the PAT file.



@karolina_kordula see following idea: Lineweight for hatch/fill patterns - Autodesk Community


If you consider same ask @kimberly.fuhrman to combine. However Part of your idea seems to be spacing in a brick pattern. This can be accomplished by creating the required spacing in a *.pat file.


Just had a thought regarding a brick pattern. Would it not make sense to have a quick pattern designer that you input the length, height and spacing, as a brick pattern is quite a common fill pattern with various sizes all around the world. created a proposal how this might look in the pattern editor using MS-paint. This would only be for a running bond pattern though and not other patterns. (might need a herringbone pattern editor too which is also fairly common)

@kimberly.fuhrman - could this be considered a unique idea if so please split?

Brick Pattern.png



That feature is already available.


Filled region with line weight 1:



Filled region with line weight 6:


You can further customise the line weights using the Line Weights option under Manage > Additional Settings > Line Weights. By default all hatch patterns use line weight 1, changing these values can also affect the appearance of other elements in your model.




Hi All,


I recently came across a free plugin called pyRevit. It has an amazing tool that lets you create any type of pattern really quickly. You just draw it in 2D, click the bottom left corner and the top right corner and it adds it to your pattern types.

Apparently the created PAT file can be used in CAD as well.


3628- CAR PARK_SCREEN IMAGE.jpgThe perforated metal pattern here was made in about 10 minutes.

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