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Categorize Tabbed Views

Categorize Tabbed Views

The new tabbed views feature in Revit 2019 is great! Thank you for it.


It is a bit confusing when you have multiple project files open. You might have views in different projects that are the same name. It would be great if you can categorize the tabs per project by using color coding for example.




A color code seems to be a good solution, to avoid having tab names that are too long


The view tabs are really good but could be better having a prefix when you're working on multiple projects.

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or just different colours 


Each project would have a colour applied to the relevant tabs like below. This would help differentiate between project views quickly.. 


coloured tab.PNG


Color code will take up least space.

And: Please, please, give me back the old Ctrl+TAB and Ctrl+SHIFT+TAB functionality!

Vote for that here:


Go to options > views and select view tabs by project tickbox and you will now only only the open views for that project (like the image below)


Well you would if.... that option was actually there but I think that's a possible solution I would go for and it would probably be the simplest way to implement the idea for Autodesk engineers.  If you wanted to change to different projects you can click on the "far left tab" that says Project 123 and you would have a drop down menu showing all of your open projects! 

In all fairness view tabs have only just be implemented so I am sure they are already waiting for consumer feedback.


Revit already does has a drop down menu on the right hand side for all of the open views but its not a good solution when you have a lot of views or multiple projects open and why on the right and side when all of the important icons are all aligned to the left screen?


Another idea which I think is really needed is a forward & back arrow (or shortcut keys) for views like a web browser so you can easily go back to your previous view. I previously used the microsoft forward/backward view function for this but since the introduction of tab views it seems to produce expected results as to which view to goes to?

Maybe this should be listed as a new idea under "view navigation"?



Tab view by projectTab view by project


Hi, I'm late to the party and seconding @markcalloway's suggestion for coloured grouping. This topic needs more attention and I wish it gained more interest.

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I often edit multiple families at once, or indeed multiple projects.

Problem is, tabbed views in Revit 2019 no longer display the filename in the title bar, whereas in 2018 prior they did with the floating windows, which was much easier, especially with tiled window views (TW) control.

Admittedly you can do this if you detach the windows from Revit, but then they don't automatically tile (with WT) which is frustrating.


This makes it extremely confusing to flick between files as you have no idea which one is which, especially when the view names are the same (such as family editing).


I'm trying to avoid what is happening in this image:

Also it would be good if these 'view states' saved with the files...


The addition of view tabs to Revit is great.  I think they would be better if we could tell which tabs come from the same file, rather than having them mixed together.  Perhaps a small icon, or a light color shade to denote a subtle difference.  Or a slight variation to show which are project tabs, and which are families, or masses or templates.  




This would be very helpful!  I often have multiple families open, or a project and its existing linked file, and the view names are (and should remain) identical.  I'd also prefer to have all the views grouped by project.  An option to color code by project and to group by project (added to the windows tab) would work well.


There should be someone moderating this forum to merge ideas that are posted repeatedly.

Here is the same idea with many more votes.

These votes are being diluted, and Autodesk may not know how much we want some of these ideas.


There is someone moderating this forum.

His name is Pieter, and he does a great job and we thank him for it.

But he's volunteering his time and also has a real job.

People need to do a search before posting an Idea

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I would like to see the ability to group tabs into their own window. At the moment we can pull out any tab into its own window but multiple independent windows cannot be merged into a single floating window.


There will never be one solution to this problem that will satisfy everyone so the solution has to be general enough to allow people to create their own workflows. Being able to at least group all the tabs for a single project within one floating window would go a long way.


In fact, what I'm suggesting is only a small step away from making Revit UI into one where there is no main window. There is the toolbar and other floating panels, such as properties and the family browser, and all open documents exist in their own views. One should be able to consolidate all views belonging to the same project within one physical window. This is the Single Document Interface model and there are many precedents for this type of UI, for example Adobe's Creative Suite, Affinity Suite.


The current Multiple Document Interface model for the user interface is no longer adequate in my opinion. In particular the tabbed nature of he view management has too many downsides.

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Whether tabs are grouped or not, I still want to see identification of the project that each tab belongs to.  This has to be color coding or spelling out the file name in each tab (which could get hard to read). 

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Thank you for your feedback, I personally would wish that you can 
only deselect this, as well as other surfaces that you can customize,
the idea is not really bad, only that's a bit of a gem. Sometimes this
can be helpful, but sometimes very confusing. Until it is not possible
to have the selection I would like to remove the tab-tab view function
as a new measure. but until then I will probably continue to work like that. Thanks again for your information :-)

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+1 for color code.

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This is so tiring... this forum is fundamentally broken. We all have really good ideas but here is no way to actually make them all heard as one strong voice. Instead we have this fragmented mess of everyone shouting over everyone else in the vain hope of being heard by Autodesk.


I've suggested elsewhere that what this form needs is to be split up by discipline and a separate section for UI related ideas. So we'd have Architecture ideas, Structure ideas and MEP, plus UI ideas. My hope is that this way the ideas would be more focused and not competing against other disciplines.

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