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BoundingBox API Improvement

BoundingBox API Improvement

Hello, I recently figured out that a Revit family instance bounding box will include the flip control.  So if the flip control is outside of the family, it generates a bounding box that really doesn't represent the geometry extents properly.  I'd like to suggest there be a way to exclude the flip control and / or any non-visible elements using the Revit API.  Please see attached screenshot for how this issue impacts negatively the functionality.


Devil is in the details Autodesk! -- Hey does anyone know if this issue has been resolved. Not much use filtering on bounding boxes when the objects flip arrows keep saying its in a wall and like Josh said you can't control standards for flip arrow placement everyone has their own and even the ones I have been bim managing and both mine and others are not good enough. I might try to write a script to move all the controls to the front middle and within the extrusions edge to at least fix our internal content. Does anyone know of a good starting point?



I would also exclude the "Room Calculation Point" arrows...

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