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Analytical Wall Adjustment through the API

Analytical Wall Adjustment through the API

I am working on automating the process of adjusting the analytical model in preperation for structural analysis. 

Unfortunately I have found no way of adjusting walls in the lengthwise direction through the API. My suggestion is therefore either adding the wall adjustment tool to the API or adding the same analytical properties to the wall sketch, which are included in the floor sketch.


On the same note, I think that it should be said, the even the manual adjustment options for analytical walls are disappointing. It would be so much easier, if the walls could be adjusted in the same way as floors.


This is a big problem at the company I work at, so it would be super cool if @Anonymous could fix this ASAP.

Good post @tmha!

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Implemented

It is now enabled through the Analytical Model new API in Revit 2023:

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