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Allow sweep along duct, pipe or cable tray center line

Allow sweep along duct, pipe or cable tray center line

From time to time you are required to model a culvert around a pipe, a space requirement over a cable tray or some other form that follows your HVAC path. 


In Revit today you are only able to select 3d faces lines or model lines. Center lines is not available. 



Pipe bed.pngExampel of pipe bed, not easily created in Revit




Great idea, I agree, this would be helpful!

Not applicable

hi @Magnus.B

isn't it better to have cable trays follow a culvert path somehow?, culverts are usually designed by structural engineers to host MEP systems underground, so they are usually finished before MEP start to work


@Anonymous. Sure would. But thats not always the case and not the point I'm trying to make. The issue is that, most MEP elements can't be used to host a profile. It might just be Free space requirement abowe a cable tray or unsymetric insulation. 

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