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3D Views

3D Views

Say you're working in plan view and need to quickly check the changes you made in a 3D view that you have already saved but don't want to open it completely.... enter the quick view panel via the project browser tree. Simply hover over the desired view(could be plan, section, 3D, etc) and up pops the last angle that view was at. \


See attached image.


A quick preview would be useful to any kind of views (2d views, legend, drafting view, sheets, schedules), not only for 3D view.


Hi !

It's true this could be useful, but if it's implemented, I would prefer if it could be customised 3 ways.


Personally, I don't want to see a pop up every time I hover a view.


I would rather be able to temporary activate it when I need (exemple, by holding a particular letter of my choice on the keyboard while hovering a view)


By setting a specific delay of my choice (stay over the view for X seconds activate pop up).


Always pop up immediately when hovering a view


This way, people could customise it at their taste and everyone would be happy.

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