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BIM 360 Docs model web viewer link without requiring Autodesk ID?

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BIM 360 Docs model web viewer link without requiring Autodesk ID?

In BIM 360 Team we could create a link to a published model that we could send to anyone. They could then open that link in a suitable web browser and view the model and any published sheets. No logins, no signups.


In BIM 360 Docs it looks like recipients are required to have an Autodesk ID to view shared models. Is this correct? Is there any way to create a web viewer link that does not require the recipient to have or sign up for an Autodesk ID?

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in reply to: JADAstudio

Hi @JADAstudio


It's Kelsey again - I think I worked with you recently on another post. Happy to help on this one, too!

While within BIM 360 Team, you could send a direct link to the model for anyone to preview, without a sign in requirement, this is not currently a feature in BIM 360 Doc Management.


You could try Autodesk Viewer website for free to upload your model and then send that share link to the appropriate people. Those you send the link to will not need to sign up. See:


Also, for those looking to review your Revit model that do not have Revit, they could download the free trial of Revit to view your model. Even after the 30 days, the viewer still works. Of course, this would mean using a share method of your choice to send them a local copy of your model.

I found this this idea that relates to your post. You may like to review it (and possibly vote it up). Autodesk’s REVIT IDEAS page is where customers provide suggestions for new features and enhancements, then other Revit users vote on it, and the Revit product managers and engineers pull from these ideas for further Revit development.

If my reply was helpful, please ''Like'' or click the ''Accept as Solution” button below (or both).


Kelsey Skaug
Autodesk Technical Support
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in reply to: Kelsey.S

Thanks again, Kelsey. looks like it may work. Much appreciated!



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in reply to: Kelsey.S

This would be great if it were an automatic process.  I would simply like to give my clients a link to the project model in BIM360 with markup (or even just a simple read only one) as part of the publish workflow.  If I have to publish, then save a file, then upload it, then share it, that will happen a couple times.  But if every time someone pulbishes, their link still points to that published updated model, that's something they'd be poking around at a lot. 

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