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BIM 360 DOCS - Share files outside of project

BIM 360 DOCS - Share files outside of project


lots of clients upgrade from BIM 360 TEAM to BIM 360 DOCS, which is far superior. But DOCs is missing some really basic functionalities, like - File sharing OUTSIDE of the project (like TEAM can).

See below image of DOCS sharing options and TEAM sharing options. Docs can share only with project members (which is totally useless 😞 because they already have access to it). 

At least add the option to share it by link to anyone. 

BIM 360 TEAM sharing.pngBIM 360docs sharing file.png


Additionaly, you can add:

- Log of all shared files

- Set expiration to shared files

- Maybe add this option only to users with edit/upload permissions.


Please Autodesk, this is "Must have". You don't develop the BIM 360 TEAM anymore, which is fine, but lot of users switch to DOCs and this basic thing is missing.




This has also come up as an issue for a few of our projects. A static link as before would be very helpful, but if it is too insecure....


...All we need the ability to do is input the emails for the recipients. For whatever reason it only works with those who have an Autodesk ID, and could probably be widened up similar to how G-Suite works with document sharing.


If its still too insecure, maybe a password too, or a time limit on the link? Anything but what it currently is!!


This is one area where BIM 360 Team was more useful to us than BIM 360 Docs. Per this forum thread it was suggested that teams use to share files outside the team.  The Viewer landing page claims that recipients do not need to download software nor sign up for anything in order to view files shared in this manner.


This ability is absolutely necessary for a smooth project workflow. There are a number of occasion where someone outside of the project team may need access to the model, for instance a furniture salesman who I need to provide a furniture layout. I need him to provide a revit model with his layout that I can incorporate into my model, but he is not part of the on-going design team per se. To force such users to buy a Bim360 license for this type of one-off input to a project is ludicrous.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Future Consideration
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Agree with all previous comments.

I also thought about the use of viewer for external parties, however the workflow is somewhat debatable. In viewer you can upload a file, folder, from box, onedrive etc, but not BIM360. Looks to Autodesk has done more integration with other sharing platform than with their own platform.

What about a button in BIM360 "Share to Autodesk Viewer" while some better options are getting evaluated?


We so often like to share things with clients and they neither have an Autodesk account, nor would some of them know how to create one or could not be bothered. Plus, none of them have a subscription to docs and we would not necessarily like to pay for clients read-only access.




I also just raised this very idea with my Autodesk contact as well.  I fully support Ingo's comment.

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hi, i also support this idea as a must! we got our QS team trained up with BIM 360 team. This was the main feature used when dealing with outside subbies.


The power of modelling in 3D is lost when we aren't able to share these models with ease. 

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This is actually a usable feature since at many times the project teams have to share some files outside the BIM 360 docs members. 




Really need this feature!!! 


I agree this is a key feature that is missing. This is absolutely unacceptable behaviour from Autodesk, how can they miss this ? 

Now because of Autodesk we have to use wetransfer, like if we were going back 5 years ago in the past. What a shame for Autodesk !

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Yes please allow us to share to people outside of BIM 360. This is crucial to our workflow.  A simple download link like in autodesk viewer would be amazing.


When will we have an update about this ? Our company is really missing this feature, we really need it.


Is there any timeline on introducing a feature to share an external link?


This function was part of Autodesk Buzzsaw and is a core feature of a number of other sharing sites. Some just use a link directly, while others issue an access key with a link so that the download is tied to specific e-mail address.


Any update on the status of this upgrade?  We are really missing this feature as well.


We need this feature on public projects to share the model with 100+ people. If Autodesk want's to hook up more people ask their email once they click the link. I can't know who would like to see the model. 
We really need this feature.


Can someone from Autodesk touch base here to give us an update on this? this obviously has a lot of interest and our company is very seriously considering this platform and I believe this feature will get us all over the line.


Please Autodesk... We need this feature.

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This feature is necessary! It is very hard to work without this, even internally. Also, with the "share" option I don't have any log on when did I share the file, so I don't have an evidence for myself that I actually shared it. This is super important for many projects! What is the status on this?


I agree this feature is a must especially when platforms like Dropbox, onedrive, and practically any other cloud based platform allows you to capabilities of sharing with outside members. Just the capabilities of sharing the file for others to download would be huge. Please add this!


This situation is absolutely appalling. My company is currently tring to find another service that would enable this feature because we simply can't do our wokr properly. We can't pay 110€ for every email that we want to send the files too. Autodesk are too greedy on this one, I'm sorry but it's true.

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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi - we are actively working to support sharing outside of the project, and this is a high priority for our team.  Thank you for your patience as we work to provide this capability.


Best Regards,

Joan Allen

Autodesk BIM 360

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