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Visibility parameter for text based families in title block

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Visibility parameter for text based families in title block



For our offices spec sheet I would like the individual wall assembly notes to be automatically shown/hidden depending if they are in use in the model. Is this possible? In our spec sheet, each assembly is a family. Example names; W1, W2, W3, W4. I created a visibility parameter for each which I can currently toggle on/off manually in the title block. Is there a formula I can now link this visibility parameter that links it to a model element or wall assembly in use so when the W1 is drawn in the model, it is unhidden in the spec sheet. If the W3 is not drawn in the model, it is hidden. 

The next question I have is if one of these wall assembly families are hidden on our spec sheet, can the list of families collapse up to save space on the sheet and not leave a gap. Example; W1, W2, and W4 are in use. Currently there is a gap where W3 would be (see photo). Is there a way to have all 4 families linked somehow so when W3 is hidden, W4 and anything below it moves up .

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Depends.  What about the spacing throughout?  Does all the other notes on the pages shift up or down depending on how much space is used up by the Wall definitions? But one way to do this would be to populate the list via a Project Schedule and then put the Schedule on the Sheet/Titleblock.  Still...what about the rest of the spacing?  Seems like a damned if you do and damned if you don't dilemma. 😉


Wall Sched by Project 1.png

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Actually, I can see in your screenshot, that that is more like a "schedule" anyways - not something you would put into your Titleblock Family since it's Project specific.  A Project Schedule (i.e. Parts MTO or Assembly MTO) would be perfect for this.  

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Create a wall schedule, filter by sheet, and place it on sheets.

Toan Nguyen
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