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How to change language for annotation text and dimension?

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How to change language for annotation text and dimension?

Hi all,


I've changed the Revit language from English to other before opening Revit by right click Revit application and change language in properties.


But, if I'm opening any Revit file, the annotation texts and dimensions are still in English.


Please help me to change the language for the dimensions and annotations in the Revit file.

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in reply to: ramabalan.v

Annotations in the project need to be changed manually, whether they are text notes, tags or keynotes.  Revit only shows the text that was entered by the user.

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in reply to: ramabalan.v

Try deleting "Revit.ini" file and re-launching.  


@ C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 20xx



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in reply to: ramabalan.v

Changing the language of Revit changes user interface items only. It does not translate all of the text notes etc....It only is affecting the actual application and language used in the application itself, not any of the contents of any projects or families.

Jeff Hanson
Principal Content Experience Designer
Revit Help |
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in reply to: ramabalan.v

You need to change the content in Revit manually. What you ask is like you bring a book printed in English to France and expecting it to read French when you open the book.
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in reply to: ToanDN

What about when the items change automagincally after you inport a file that was created using a different language?


I imported some hatch patterns, and all of a sudden I have all these other languages being used by Revit - none of which I speak or use, and it's NOT limited to the objects I imported (obviously that would be normal).


Any ideas on why Revit would change the languages used by, say, material tags, without my permission? All I did was import the two stone/gravel hatch patterns highlighted below in black: If you have any idea on how to change things back I would appreciate that too. I don't want to have to start this project over from scratch....






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in reply to: Eatonasher

@Eatonasher wrote:



I imported some hatch patterns, and all of a sudden I have all these other languages being used by Revit - none of which I speak


Those a bunch of letters- not languages.  Revit doesn't translate the material name. My "Stained Wood" Material isn't translated to "染色木材" if a Chinese-user looks at my Project.  



...BTW: "Pinus Echinata" is Latin.  😉


Tag with Name.png

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in reply to: barthbradley

I already said that the change in language affects items which have not been imported. I understand that when you import files, those files may be in a different language, and that Revit will simply import the characters which the original creator of the file had used. I am not asking Revit to perform translations.


What I'm saying is that Revit has changed the display language of various settings which were NOT imported.


To clarify, I am asking how to reverse changes Revit made to the display of annotations and other hatch styles, made without permission, to files/settings which are native to the english installation.


Wrt the latin name for Pine, I have never seen it do that before, but admit that this would be normal and unrelated to my issue. Thank you for calling me out on that! 🙂


An example of the real issue, as you can see in my original post, is the "terre" title of the hatch pattern for Earth. This is a standard hatch pattern which gets its name from the Revit libraries (i.e. does not require importing), yet it has somehow changed into french? The same thing happened to several standard diagonal patterns which are also pre-existing hatch patterns.


For whatever reason , Revit is performing translations of seemingly random items into languages OTHER than English, and I don't know why. The longer I use the program, the more annotations it seems to change into random languages (I've seen czech, finnish, spanish, french, and several others so far). 


The items in question do not reflect their family properties; this means that this issue is not simply a matter of importing characters, does it?



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in reply to: barthbradley

Okay now I feel stupid - It appears as though Revit hasn't actually translated those hatch patterns, but merely added copies of them belonging to the different languages.


I still think it's weird that Revit would import a bunch of duplicate hatch patterns from a different language installation, but I guess since it doesn't affect me that much, I can just ignore it!


Thank you for your help and pushback on the Latin and such - I'll try not to jump to conclusions so quickly next time XD

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in reply to: Eatonasher

I don't think what you think is what's happening.  The hatch pattern named "Terra" in your Screenshot above, could have simply been brought in by a rfa/rvt that you loaded into your Project.  


FWIW: You can duplicate a name an OOTB or any Hatch Pattern whatever you like.


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