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door lines help!!

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door lines help!!

Hello Guys


I need help I've added some lines to a Revit door which are controlled by visibility parameter. These lines represent different styles of door 4 panel, 2 panel and a plane door which all works fine. The problem which is driving me up the wall, is in plan i see these lines and i don't want to. I have tried adjusting the visibility setting so they don't show in plan and i have tried remodeling as a 3d extrusion, i have tried putting a masking region over the top all to no avail. I have attached an example of my families below. I note the standard 3D revit doors use extrusions for door detail is this a better method than lines? You would never seen these door in a 3d view as internal doors.










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Choose your Visibility Setting for those Model Lines.  Uncheck Plan/RCP. 



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I think I know what you are seeing. When Thin Lines is turn OFF, you see part of the linework that is underneath  the Masking Region.   In other words, the Masking Region boundary line weight is thinner than the line weight directly below it, so it is the MR is not completely covering it.  Make your MR bigger.  

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@barthbradley i am still am having issues, its not to do with line thickness i put a masking region right over the lines and they are still showing? Should i of created the panel detailing on the doors with extrusions instead of line work? they need to be tied to a visibility parameter family attached..




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