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Cut Stacked Wall with Face Based Family

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Cut Stacked Wall with Face Based Family

I've placed a face based family into a project and associated it with the finish face of a stacked wall. The family is tall enough to intersect multiple vertical layers of the stacked wall but will only cut one - the one it is associated with. 


For context, openings within door and window families cut through all layers of the stacked wall, treating the stacked wall like a basic wall, but voids seem to associate with only one basic wall within the stacked wall. 


Is it possible for a family to cut all layers of a stacked wall it intersects? Image below shows family cutting single layer (red dots) within stacked wall (selected), 




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Use Pick Primary Host tool. 

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If, you mean the tool usually available next to Pick New, I don't have that option. 


I've also tried:

-Join on the layers of the stacked wall directly above and and below the "host" wall. 

-Join/Cut on family and other layers of stacked wall.




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Post the file here.  

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Does this family have an unattached Void and Cuts with Void when Loaded checked? 

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I did try Copy > Paste to Same Place the void I want doing the cutting (selected in image below).

The pasted void cut the family geometry, leaving only the objects outside the void. Further, the family didn't cut any additional layers when reloaded into model.  I'm assuming an ignorance of unattached voids is part of the issue I'm having. 


When I checked Cuts with Void when Loaded, I saw no change with or without the pasted void. 


Original family attached. 

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First off, I said UNATTACHED void (orange state). Second, Cuts with Void when Loaded alllows you to use Cut Geometry tool in the Project to manually cut a System Family (e.g. Basic Wall) with the void in the Family.  


Can you please post the Project. I need to see what it is you are trying to do exactly.  

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There are now two Voids in the model.


Original Void is joined to the solid extrusion within the family and cuts the segment of the stacked wall within the model to which it is associated.


I added another void, slightly larger than the original (for convenience) that does not Cut Geometry and is in the orange state (as you described). I'm not sure it made a difference, but rather than Copy>Paste to Same Place as I did in my first attempt, I modeled the second Void from scratch.


The family does Cuts with Void when Loaded. 


With this version, I was able to use the Cut Geometry tool between each of the stacked wall's segments and the family to produce the desired result.  Family attached. 



@barthbradley Thanks for your time and expertise! Also, sorry I can't share the model with you. 


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