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SOuP in Maya (Proceduralism)

SOuP in Maya (Proceduralism)

(Copied from original User Voice forum)


Maya needs to be more procedural, like Houdini, XSI (ICE), etc.


"Integrate and improve the SOuP toolset into Maya. There is so much in there for all categories, I didn't even know which one to put it in. Include all these workflows at, consult and compensate the included parties, to learn from their r&d, and further improve upon the the goal of a procedural modeling/dynamics and opendata conversion of paintfx/fluids/nparticles/nCloth/nHair/meshes and all other data within Maya."


"Having interactive bevels on selection like this video shows it's possible with the addition of some Soup nodes, would be a major improvement to Maya modeling workflow. Being able to add and subtract bevels on selected edges on the fly , would make for a 10 stars addition to Maya's modeling toolset. Please consider this!"


Some links:

Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Gathering Support


 This is one reason we have not moved to maya 2018 yet.

Since many of our rigs are relying on SOUP, and this is not free anymore (and quite expensive) we have to explain to management that we need to pay XX,000$ for basically what we have been doing for years

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That video just scratches the surface with what Procedural workflows in Maya could achieve. I guess I could expect one day maybe Bifrost is more complete, in the mean time...


I haven't had a chance to play with SOuP much, but have been frustrated by the lack of proceduralism in Maya. Anyone using Houdini even for a short time, will notice the difference quickly. While Maya is a sophisticated tool it's surprising no real effort has been applied to extending the design to more procedural situations.


The SOup video above really shows how easy it is to add to some proceduralism to existing Maya. With some additional UI improvements, this example could be a solid workflow.


Thanks for posting my tutorial, don't understand why it's taking forever to make maya more procedural, is it that hard to modify it?


 I thought that fabric engine could make ICE experience into Maya and make all procedural non-destructive thing what we needed, but the die, like ICE. And if we talking about the current implementation of node editor it ещщ unreadable in comparison with ICe and Houdini. Why Autodesk doesn't improve Maya or doing in too slow? I understand oldschool users, who live in previous paradigm of coding, but what about young new generation growing in "node based world" Unreal engine blue print system is also good example of flexible workfow. Or maybe Maya is for animators only?...


best thing that could hapen to maya, it Proceduralism


I highly doubt they will ever be able to pull it off aswell as houdini.


it must come! And Stop work on two same CG Programmes and work on one Full.

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I feel that it´s strange that high end 3D animation tool  like Maya don´t have some of the features in Soup. Like the shatter tool to break objects into even smaller pices. The schatter tool in maya feels like a joke, if compared to like Houdini

Status changed to: Accepted

I'm marking this as accepted even though we've already shipped Bifrost for Maya.  This first few versions of our work don't fully encompass all the things you've listed yet so I'm not marking it as done just yet.  But we're listening!


Looking forward to more Bifrost tech. If I can get procedural RBD, cloth sims and geometry generation inside Maya then I'll be much less tempted by Houdini.

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