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The right mouse button does not work

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The right mouse button does not work

The right mouse button does not work on the screen where I select the object, I click and nothing happens, if I hold the button for a while it takes to appear option, object mode, face, etc.

The problem seems to be on the screen, when I right click on extrude for example it works, but in the selection screen no, you know what can be, I already uninstalled and installed and nothing worked, until a week ago maya worked normally

Sorry for anything misunderstood, so using google transtlate

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Anyone to help me?
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Just so I understand...are you trying to select objects with the right mouse button? By default, objects in Maya are selected with a left mouse click.

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No. It turns out that the right mouse button does not work.

I click to go in the functions of face, vertex, edger. But the window does not appear.

Sometimes it works sometimes not, most times it does not. Is it a problem with the video card?

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The selected "solution" is not a solution. The solution is to right-click-and-hold.

The menu does not appear when you just right-click. But if you hold that click, the menu will appear. Continue holding until the mouse is over the selection you want, then you can release to select it.

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It’s not working for me. Using a Wacom tablet, is there a keyboard shortcut for this menu?

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when i would select a camera with the shortcut "space+click select cam", my right click did not show the menu,
so my solution for the menu click was in, Windows/_Settings/Preference/_Marking menu editor.
now you can control where you clicking and witch region click you want to use

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