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Maya mouse issue, not able to select or move anything, selects hotbox instead

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Maya mouse issue, not able to select or move anything, selects hotbox instead

Hello I'm having a weird and frustrating issue with Maya. Every time I select an object and try to move that object with the manipulators it draws a line and selects the hotbox instead of the manipulators, and then I cant unselect the object in perspective view but I can select other things from the outliner. I have tried with multiple other scenes and it still happens, but it doesn't happen with a fresh new scene. Any help is much appreciated, thanks

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Hi @Anonymous


You can try deleting your settings/preferences.


You may also want to check your drivers and make sure they're up to date as well as try a different mouse.


Let me know if anything changes!


Please hit the Accept as Solution button if my post fully solves your issue, or reply with additional details if the problem persists.

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Hi Thanks so much for the help!. Weirdly enough it just started working again, I deleted my settings and preferences just to be safe, thanks again 🙂

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