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Autodesk Here to Help

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Autodesk Here to Help

Hi Everyone!

    I am a Technical Support Specialist and I will be spending the majority of my time here in the forums helping customers with any technical issues, how-to questions, feedback and any other issues or concerns.


    I have been working in Maya since 2012 when I started college studying Creative Media. I focused on games and film and have provided many assets for a handful of projects. In my free time I enjoy sports and hiking as well as playing games, reading, watching anime and anything nerd culture.


    I look forward to talking with everyone and always feel free to post with anything on your mind Maya related. I am usually in the office 9am-5pm EST and will always be happy to help you with any issues you may have :).

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Hi community!


I am a Technical Support Specialist based in Germany, and I will assist with inquiries, issues and other matters.

I worked for several years as a Motion Graphic Designer and then as a Quality Assurance Specialist.

I love animated movies, vintage space toys, cycling and cooking.

During the past year I have supported some customers here and there in the forum. From now on I will be available every day 1pm-3pm CET to support you and provide you with proper solutions.



Francesco Torchia
Technical Support Specialist – M&E (3ds Max, Maya)

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