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Fatal error attempting to save in C:/Users/... in Maya 2018

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Fatal error attempting to save in C:/Users/... in Maya 2018

Hi, I don't know what's happening but today I tried to open Maya and this error appeared when I try opening from the desktop shortcut or trying to open a scene from a folder. 

error maya 2.png

My laptop specs are:

Intel i7-8750H

Nvidia GTX 1050Ti



The driver version of the GPU is the 398.36,


I tried

- Uninstalling and installing the latest driver that is the 399.07

- Removing completle Maya and reinstalling

- Running Maya as administrator

- A solution from this link


I read in this pdf that the driver version tested for the GTX 1050M is 388.08 but I don't know how well my games will run because the driver is prior to some of the current launched games that I have


I don't know what happened because it was working perfectly till yesterday


Thanks in advance

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in reply to: herdo96

Hi @herdo96


Have there been any security updates or Windows updates to your machine recently?


Also, driver wise you would want to try using version 398.82. You can find a download for that driver here!


Please try that GPU driver and let me know if anything changes!



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in reply to: sean.heasley


I tried updating the driver to the version 398.82 that you told me but the error keeps showing.

The last windows update was "2018-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4346783)" and it was updated on September 2


Here is a screenshot of the output window maybe it could be usefull

output window.PNG

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in reply to: herdo96

Hi @herdo96


It's possible the windows update could have messed with some Maya files.


You said you uninstall/reinstalled but did you perform a clean uninstall/reinstall of Maya?

If not please try that and see if anything changes.


Finally, there was a solution in this similar thread that may help.

You could try making a copy of igdrclneo64.dll and move it to your desktop then delete the original and/or just move the file to the desktop then try to launch Maya.


Let me know if anything changes!


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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thanks @sean.heasley!!

That helped me I thought that I was going to have to restar windows!

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I can't find this file igdrclneo64.dll

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Hi @hassannn.om91 


The file path is generally something like this:




If you aren't seeing it then you may not have that dll file and that may not be the cause of the issue on your end.



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I don't have this file , and it's still crashing

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Hi @hassannn.om91 


Can you post a screenshot of your Output window when Maya crashes?

Also, do you see an error report when it crashes? If so please submit it and let me know what the CER report number is.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi I've got the same problem but ain't got that file either. (Maya 2020)2020-05-25 (1).png2020-05-25.png

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in reply to: Soniaruccim

Have u set the project before?

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in reply to: lobo_alcalino

I can't do that becouse the software doesn't open.

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in reply to: herdo96

I am having the same problem but for me everytime I try to make a 3D text it gives me this error message. Thanks in advance.Screenshot 2021-01-03 191129.png

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Hi I've the same problem but with this i've resolved my problem 

  1. Close all running instances of Maya.
  2. Locate the filerules.txt file in your preferences.                                                                                            C:\Users\<username>\Documents\maya\2022\prefs\13470907600626234644_filerules.txt 
    Note: Numeric string prefix in the filename will vary.                                                                                                        
  3. Load the file into a text editor to confirm if it is indeed corrupted.
  4. If so, delete the file.
  5. Launch Maya 2022.0.

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