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Construction Icon appeared at cursor for a brief moment (Inventor 2024)

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Construction Icon appeared at cursor for a brief moment (Inventor 2024)

I was experimenting with Function Keys and the Construction icon appeared at my cursor while drawing a line; and I was in Construction mode. I finished the line and the Construction icon disappeared at the cursor, never to return again. What did I do to turn this feature on??? I liked it. It was great knowing I was in Construction mode. Can't tell you how many shapes I've drawn while inadvertently being in construction mode, only to have to begrudgingly undo and redraw the same shape again.

Is this a glitch? Did I have a senior moment?

Has anyone ever seen this before?



(Inventor 2024)

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Hello, and welcome!

I haven't been able to find a FN key that displays that, making me wonder if it is unique to your keyboard?  But... if you accidentally create a sketch in Construction mode, you do not need to delete it and start over.  If you sketch a rectangle, for example, and then realize you had toggled Construction on... simply window around the rectangle to highlight it, and then (with it highlighted) toggle Construction off.  The sketch lines should go solid as normal sketch entities.

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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in reply to: stu_junk

Thanks, Chris!

I figured out what I was seeing, but not really what I was doing, LOL.

While in Sketch Mode, if Project Geometry is selected, a "+" sign appears at the cursor tip. While still in Project Geometry mode, if Construction is selected from the Format Panel, the "+" at the cursor changes to the Construction icon! I guess that's what happened but I can't recall ever seeing it before. My usual workflow when converting projected geometry to construction lines is to esc out of Project Geometry, select the yellow projected lines and then click the Construction icon in the Format Panel.



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