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"Display Color Components" only shows Wireframe

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"Display Color Components" only shows Wireframe

I've selected the visual style "Shaded with Visible Edges Only". However, when I switch to "Display Color Components" my models are shown as a wireframe. It's not related to a specific file as I see this behaviour even for 3rd party step files. So it looks like I accidentaly activated an unwanted option.

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

I am not seeing this behavior.  I would suggest restarting Fusion 360, check your video settings in the application in your Preferences.


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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Also seeing this issue.


I'm on an apple silicon mac and I _think_ this started with the native update.


Problem is intermittent and goes away when restarting Fusion. Super annoying.

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in reply to: pmargaritoff

Same for me. I realized it goes away after restarting but comes back after some time. I'm also on a silicon mac and can also confirm that it started with the native update.

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I am also having this issue, on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra. There are also navigation problems, I can no longer zoom with my Magic Mouse, and I've had to find a workaround to access the Create pull-down menu in the solids design workspace. These all began with the native update for me too...

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

I am also seeing this behavior on an M2 Max MacBook Pro. It is intermittent and closing the file and reopening does not help. Restarting Fusion 360 will allow for the component coloring again but it is not a permanent fix as it will happen again, seemingly randomly.

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

I'm also experiencing this issue, any update on a solution?


Apple M2 chip

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

I have same problem. I have MacBook Pro with M1 chip.

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Same issue on m2 mac.

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Similar issue here. Sometimes component colors just become invisible and the entire part just disappears; turn off component colors and it's back, turn them on again and it disappears again. Also, when this happens sometimes the sketch palette doesn't appear when editing a sketch. Quit/Restart is the only way to restore proper behavior.

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Good thing fusion crashes every 20 min, resetting the wireframe issue...

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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

I have also been dealing with this issue.  Super Annoying, but takes me back to when I was a kid and learned on wireframe only systems.  Mac M1 MAX system running Sonoma 14.1

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Same issue here on m1 but I guess Autodesk won't fix it unless 50 people in this thread say they have the issue.
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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Same problem here on Mac Studio. Happens over and over along with crashes. I believe it started when Fusion went native also. 

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in reply to: ckp66253


I can’t remember last time I crashed.

Can you File>Export your *.f3d file that exhibits this behavior to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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in reply to: TheCADWhisperer

I can't create the problem on demand and it happens on old files as well as new files. Once it starts happening it seems to happen over and over again. The only way to stop it is by closing down Fusion and restarting the Mac. I have been trying to verify if it happens more when I'm participating in a zoom room. One thing for sure is that while trying to create an offset using the arrow often causes Fusion to crash. To offset threads I had to enter a small offset number in the entry window then save then repeat. Tiny offsets with the arrow is impossible. I must have sent a dozen crash reports to Autodesk a few nights ago and a few to apple while trying to offset some threads.
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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Same problem here. New Mac Studio. Random Wireframe components when doing display component colors
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in reply to: marcelTC4LJ

Problem stil persist even after multiple 'updates', anyone found a solution yet?

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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See attached.


It happens to all kind of files:

- native files which i drew from scratch in fusion

- downloaded STP files for for example traceparts,...

- Stp file drew by colleagues in Inventor

- ...


Only solution is to close down fusion AND restart my mac, only restarting fusion does not fix it. I've recently upgraded to a macbook pro with a M2 max chip and that's when it started. I did not have the issue with my previous Intel mac.


Thanks, Christof.

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