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No pushed updates on one computer

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No pushed updates on one computer

I have F360 installed on a computer at work and one at home, some months ago I couldn't open a file on one of them and discovered the one I used for creating the file had been updated. I waited some days for the other to update to the same version but it didn't happen, I waited two weeks but then I had to do a fresh install in order to fix it. 
The other day the exact same thing happened; I couldn't open a file created on the other computer. No pending updates on the other one. 
For the moment one is 2.0.16009 and the other 2.0.15509. 


Are there any settings I have missed? 

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@peter.westerberg @There are some short cut problems that we had during those builds. So please do the following. 

1. Delete the shortcut you are using now to launch Fusion 360. 
2. Now if you are on windows go to Add/remove programs - select Autodesk Fusion360 - change/modify - this will launch the fusion service utility. Run the repair fusion here 

3 This will also generate a new short cut that you can use 

4. if you are I. The Mac go to launch pad to find the service utility. 

Hipe this helps !

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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That worked! Thanks! 

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