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It is free unitl...

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It is free unitl...

It is free, until we decided you need to pay; then we slowly close off features until you have to pay. "ThIS" was never an issue before, just like it used to not be an issue to move projects to other projects. "ThIS" is strategic and intentional coercion.

I tried multiple times to pay you for a hobbyist licensee and you have ignored it, but you are going to strong arm me and others after the arbriarty free taste is over? Is that not the exact same way drug dealers and mafia types operate? "I" do not use Fusion 360 to make money at all, if I was, I would pay full price. You want me to uphold that deal, and then you need to uphold the hobbyist deal. "ALL" of the reviewers are starting to point out your tactics. You used all of us to get your hook into the Solidworks market share, now you are showing your dishonest tendencies.

I will be contacting my State's Attorney General. THis will already be cataloged with screenshots. You guy need to stop this right now.

Not that you care, but I am a disabled veteran who cannot work.

Respectfully - (I will be contacting my State's Attorney General, some other companies are doing this as well. I have already spoken with Kwame Raoul's office about this trend. They wanted to know more. Illinois is starting to sue "ALL" corporations who are doing this. as we all know, lawsuits are contiguous),

-Jason Badon

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Are you having trouble renewing free personal license?

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I believe he is talking about the growing trend of bait and switch, and/or "Hey we offer this."  Then as time goes by they slowly continue to remove previously included features until the "free" software is all but useless.  Less useful than TinkerCad even.

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Yesterday at the grocery store they were offering free pieces of sausage on a toothpick.

I went back this morning for breakfast and now I have to pay.

I’m contacting my State’s Attorney General. Never expected this.

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