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Fusion 360 not syncing across platforms

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Fusion 360 not syncing across platforms

The company that i work at utilizes Fusion 360 across different platforms. Manufacturing uses the IOS app (phones and ipads), engineers uses the desktop app and management/administration etc. uses the web/browser. Today i have noticed that the folders are not syncing propperly across the platforms. Some folders are "empty" on my phone while containing files on my computer. Other folders seem to be missing half the files or containing files that have long been moved - We use version updates of our drawings quiet alot and there seem to maybe be some problems with folders containing different versions of the same file, however there are plenty of exceptions to this. This is very frustrating and creates alot of confusion across the teams working on the same project. Have anyone incountered anything similar?

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@jonas_olsen8H8ZE To see how we can isolate the issue and find out what is happening:

1. I assume there is one PC/Mac that has all the data that you expect to, right? 
2. When you say that you are viewing it in iPhone/Ipad, are you using the mobile app to view the files? 
3. I assume all these issues are between the PC and the mobile OR are you seeing problems between PCs as well? 

Couple of things to check for: 

1. Are missing files f3d files (Fusion native files) or are they any other non translated CAD files? 
2. Is there a team hub that you are facing this problem that you will be able to invite me into?

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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