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Configuration: what is this sorcery??

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Configuration: what is this sorcery??


Why does the component react as you can see in the video? the position of this part is defined by a constraint which is configured why therefore why is the component still free? In addition, why does it react like that with the movement of the other subset?



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in reply to: mac_ito

Just to be clear, to configure a joint instance DOF value:

  1. Drive the joint instance
  2. Capture the position (via Capture Position at end of toolbar)
  3. Configure the Position feature in the timeline

This isn't obvious. People instead naturally configure the joint's alignment parameters.

But this does not really help you unless you also "lock" the driven DOF of the joint so it cannot move after it is positioned at the configured value. Configuring position does not force that position after that point. It just moves joint to that position.

If you don't want a configured position to move afterwards, you can lock it. See the two attached images to see the sequence.

Hope this helps!

Configure locked joint value 1.png

Configure locked joint value 2.png


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in reply to: kgrunawalt

I see you like making us click, I don't.
This topic is linked to another that I opened previously and I prefer the solution provided by @jhackney1972  in the present case it translates like this, and thus I easily master all the scenarios

Thanks again.

Capture d’écran 2024-03-06 à 19.28.26.png

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