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Turning - Face Profiling

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Turning - Face Profiling

I am trying to face profile a part and it appears there is no option for face profile in the profile routine anymore. I need to be able to walk my tool through the contour. The tool I am using is an internal tool EDP# 56-1315



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Using an inside turning roughing operation with cycle set to vertical passes should achieve what you're trying to do.



Akash Kamoolkar

Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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I was able to get it figured out but oddly had to use outside roughing, Thanks.

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in reply to: gttbrandon

I have this same issue, no matter what the face profile is ignored and the tool simply completes the outside profile. I have tried the vertical passes option, the tool does vertical passes on the outside rather than the face. 

This should not be a hard to set up operation... aargh!

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in reply to: ekendallCYJ4H

Use old turning strategy that includes facing option and finish pass, turn it on in preferences.


2021-04-29 20_37_47-Autodesk Fusion 360.png

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in reply to: VicKosta

Thank you for this tip… it worked perfectly!
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in reply to: VicKosta

thx   for  sharing  yours file,  helped me  allot, 

But  i  cant find  where  to  turn on  face  profiling  in  preferences.

have similar problem   with face grooving,  inner  half   was easy , outside   part  of  face  profile  its's  impossible  for me.


thx  for   any  suggestion.

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in reply to: kontaktLFFYQ

Unfortunately, we're still not able to use Profile Rough and Profile finish in features that have bosses. My suggestion to you is to create a "dummy" part that omits this feature and use diameters to control where the tool cuts:



I've attached the file for your review.

Yes, there's going to be a warning about "

Rest Machining: Cannot verify that the stock is transferred from the previous setup for rest machining. Verify that the model selections in both setups are the same". This happens when we have different models selected in Setups that use Rest Machining > From Previous Setups.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

 already  made  part  exactly  with  same  solution.

thx  for  suggesting.


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