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Can I make a new component from a copy?

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Can I make a new component from a copy?

Is it possible to make a new component from a copy component?

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If you right click the component there will be an option to copy it. Once that is done, right click on the the top of the model tree, or a component or sub component and click "paste new" to add the copied component to that section of the tree. The "paste new" command does not maintain a parametric link between the original and the copy, while the "paste" command does. 


Does this answer your question?

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in reply to: MJvandeGeest

Thanks, now it works. I did it before and it didn't work, now it dos 🙂 

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in reply to: m.vangrouw

What if i made the copy using the move/copy function and now i want to make it unique component so i can push/pull it without affecting my original i copied from.

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in reply to: brettNF4GC

Hi Brett, 


I don't know a way to do what you are asking and I don't see anything obvious after some quick testing. With that being said, I never use the move/copy command to copy things, so I'm not the best person to ask. 


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