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Minimum Z gone from setup sheet when using rotary

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Minimum Z gone from setup sheet when using rotary

Good day!

I have encountered an error that my Setup sheet MIN Z disappears only when (any of) my setup operation contains Tool orientatated WCS.

If I create a setup with any number of operations, not using "Tool Orientation" from the operation properties, the setup sheet posts properly with MIN Z values visible.

If my setup contains even one operation that uses "Tool Orientation" to tilt my workpiece, the MIN Z paragraph disappears or shows zero (0) of value depending on how I generate the setup sheet.

Is there any way around this? Min Z is extremely useful to have when setting up tools.


Huomautus 2021-03-26 141453.png

Ahola KT

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Interesting, I get the same issue when I post  stuff with tool orientation(I have my post set to write a comment for the Zmin below the tool call), but couldn't figure out why it was happening some times but not others.


Like you say its an extremely useful tool for checking for collisions etc

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in reply to: kimi.ahola

Has anyone figured this out? It's driving me crazy.

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in reply to: MNJCNC

I started experiencing the same problem today with the current design I'm working on.
I opened a design that I worked on last week and when I post it and ZMIN is there.  
I'm not sure what's going on, or what is wrong with my design.


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