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Defining the back chamfer tool w/90 included angle cutters and the CAM

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Defining the back chamfer tool w/90 included angle cutters and the CAM

I bought some chamfer mills that would be suitable for back chamfering holes, but I am a little fuzzy on how to define the  cutter geometry and of the 2D strategy.Screenshot 2024-04-03 01.08.16.png

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Alright, I managed to get a decent profile of the cutter geometry. I should remember that I eventually prevail in these matters. Perhaps someone might chime in with some CAM approach please.


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I'm guessing you made a form tool?

here's and example using 2d contour and stock to leave to get a chamfer top and bottom



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if you want a more advanced way of doing it there this article which uses expressions 

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I got a much better representation of the tool as soon as I adjusted the value for the tip diameter to reflect the specs. But there is the matter of the crest which is stated as 0.2mm wide. No way to enter that data, much like defining the single point thread mill. But I got great results on my first test.
Of the four thread mills I bought for back ups, one had no crest, the others had one I could only guess at.
Much more important for internal threads to address Pitch Dia Offset variable.
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Screenshot 2024-04-03 04.23.21.png

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I will check out the link you so graciously offered. Lets call it solved.


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I have been replying to myself, lol
But have a look at the tool data and see you on the flip side my friend.

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