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August 2023 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What' New

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August 2023 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What' New

Post Processor and Machine Simulation What’s New


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Looking for the latest post processors and machines updates? Look no further!

We are continually working


hard to bring you updates and improvements to the many open-source Post Processors and Machines we offer for free, but those updates often get lost in the shuffle of other enhancements or big feature releases. This post aims to update you on newly added or improved post processors and machines, so you can stay up to date on what you use today or look for news so you can get the most out of Fusion 360.


This post will get refreshed with notable updates as they’re released, and you can click each hyperlink to go to the mentioned post. As always, you can find the latest in our post processor offering on the Online Post Library where you can search by vendor, type, or name, and see any recent changes to each post processor.








  1. Improved Processors
  2. New Machines
  3. Improved Machines
  4. Documentation
  5. Tools and Tool Holders
  6. Improved Workholdings






Fusion360 Logo.png







1. Improved Post Processors



We are always working to keep post processors up to date with new technologies. This is a summary of the main improvements made to post processors already in the library.





Generic Post Processors






- Fixed potentially missing output of the tool length compensation command when using TWP prepositoning.

- Multiple minor updates to generic post processors using shared code content.

- Optimized comment output in multiple generic post processors.

- Fix probing DPRNT issue with decimal points.

- Fixed potentially missing output of tilted workplane reset when no machine configuration is used.

- Optimized parametric feedrate feature to support transition feedrates.

- Updated generic post processors to make use of the new createOutputVariable function.










Bravoprodigy, CNC Masters, D.Electron Z32, Datron ISO, Deckel Dialog 4, Deckel Dialog 11, Deckel Dialog 12, DMG Mori CMX, Fanuc Compact, Hurco 3D, Hyperterm, Leading Edge Industrial Milling, RepRap, RichAuto DSP, Robodrill, Roland ISO, Rosetta Mill, Stepcraft WinPC-NC, Techno CNC System, WinPC-NC

Updated posts to use shared content across post processors.







Milling Post Processors






Fanuc Inspection, Hurco Inspect Surface

Add brackets to calculate the deviation in Inspection operations.











biesse cix_thumbnail.png

Biesse CIX Router

The final point in the circular record now lies exactly on the circle in the Biesse CIX Router post processor.












Brother Speedio

Added property to enable G68.2 in the Brother Speedio post processor.











datron next_thumbnail.png

Datron Next, Datron Next Inspection Surface

- Fixed minimumRevision number in the Datron next post processors.

- Fixed parametric feed in the Datron next post processors.












Added an option to output circular interpolation using the radius in the Fadal post processor.












Force G0 rapid movement commands as required by Fidia controller.











heidenhain 426_thumbnail.png

Heidenhain Inspection

Add tool as name for probing correction tool.












Quickmill ok.png


Updated the coolant-through-tool codes in the Quickmill post processor.











roland rml_thumbnail.png

Roland RML

Added 4th axis support to the Roland RML post processor.











Siemens 808D

Added machine simulation and smoothing capabilities to the Siemens 808D post processor.












Siemens 840d, Siemens 840d Inspection

- Added multiple improvements to the siemens 840d post processors.

- TSA safe area increase for larger probing tolerance limits in the Siemens 840D post processors.






Mill-Turn Post Processors






dmg_mori_logo goede.png

DMG Mori NLX Mill/Turn

Optimized the Polar Coordinate mode logic in the DMG Mori NLX Mill/Turn post processor.










jyoti ax 200-my siemens_thumbnail.png

Jyoti AX 200-M, Jyoti AX 200-MY, Jyoti AX 200-MSY, Jyoti AX 300-M, Jyoti AX 300-MY, Jyoti AX 300-MSY, Jyoti TMC 200, Jyoti TMC 250, Jyoti TMC 350

Updated Jyoti Mill/Turn Fanuc based post processors to use newest post engine capabilities.











Mazak Integrex i-100, Mazak Integrex i-100s, Mazak Integrex i-200, Mazak Integrex i-200s,

Mazak Integrex i-300, Mazak Integrex i-300s, Mazak Integrex i-400, Mazak Integrex i-400s

Fixed compensation commands on sub spindle for milling in Mazak Integrex i post processors.










nakamura mill-turn fanuc_thumbnail.png

Nakamura Mill/Turn

Optimized the Polar Coordinate mode logic in the Nakamura Mill/Turn post processor.











Siemens Mill/Turn

Optimized the Polar Coordinate mode logic in the Siemens Mill/Turn post processor.







Waterjet/Laser/Plasma Post Processors






shopsabre plasma_thumbnail.png

ShopSabre Plasma

Retract the tool when the cutting mode changes and after a drill or etching operation in the ShopSabre Plasma post processor.







Intermediate Post Processors








Added support for feed per revolution drilling in dumper post processor.









2. New Machines



Machine Library




The Machine Library lets you manage your machine tools by using Machine Configurations to define your available machines and resources. These configurations can automate the settings in your Job Setup.
There are many Machine Configurations available in the standard library.


You will have available configuration files for some of the leading machine manufacturers:






Sigma R19 – Duplication

Sigma R19 – Mirror

Sigma R19

Sigmax – Duplication

Sigmax – Mirror



















Compact 1000 Pro A Axis

2600 Pro F1-A Axis
































HCN 4000

HCN 10800

Variaxis i-800 NEO

















3. Improved Machines







Updated Tool position and Part position in the Denford 2600 machines.










Updated rotary axis names in all Mazak machine configuration files.









4. Documentation



Added bookmarks into the post processor training guide PDF file:



Manual bookmarks.png







5. Tools and Tool Holders



The Tool Library lets you manage tools for Milling, Turning, Cutting (waterjet, laser & plasma), Touch Probes and Holders. The Tool Library lets you manage libraries of predefined tools and project documents.




Valor Holemaking.png

Valor Holemaking

Featuring Valor Holemaking High Performance Drills and complementary holemaking solutions, this tool library includes American-made products that are meticulously tested and fine-tuned to deliver outstanding hole accuracy and repeatability, exceptional surface finish, amazing tool life and performance, and impressive cost-per-hole results. Included in this library: High Performance Drills for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys from 1.587 mm to 12.700 mm in diameter, High Performance Drills for Steels from 1.587 mm to 12.700 mm in diameter, All Valor Holemaking products updated as of July 2023.






6. Improved Workholding



Workholding Library



The Workholding library lets you add a workholding equipment (vise, table, tombstone, etc.) to a manufacturing model. Those can be found in the "CAM Samples" project folder that you can find in the Fusion 360 data panel:









Some existing files have been reviewed and updated:






- 12 Mate DynaLock Bases

- 16 DynaMount Mounts

- 4 Mate Accessories






Lang images.png

- 9  Profilo vices










Click here to see the previous What’s New release









Andrea Amilo

Senior Technical Consultant

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