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How to add 3D model to part that has a "PLACE HOLDER" and other wierdness

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How to add 3D model to part that has a "PLACE HOLDER" and other wierdness

A lot of library parts have a place holder where the 3D model should be. What is it and how do I put a 3D model there instead? Opening the component and selecting add local package doesn't work. Is the only way to add a 3D model is by editing the library? This is on of the most confusing parts for me. It should not be so complicated. And what is the difference when the 3D model preview of a package shows the light blue outlines where the PCB will be vs just a 3D model? Why must I upload a copy to Fusion in order to add a model to a local copy? Is there a way to associate a local copy of a library part that is stored on my hard drive to an STL 3D Model? When Fusion has an outage everything goes wonky. Parts I have created seem to disappear or lose the 3D Model. I am not even sure what happens it is totally confusing to me. I would like to be able to have a local copy of my parts with associated 3D models that I can create, edit, and use on line, off line, or whatever. I keep generating cloud copies and I am not sure which is which. Maybe there is a workflow strategy I am missing? It can't be this convoluted.


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