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User can select airwires??

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User can select airwires??


Ability to select airwire(s) is not good since first, they are really thin and really hard to see and second, sometimes they get over component origin(little tiny point where use have to click to select component lol) and it's really pain in the ass to have a fight with ton of airwires.


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Thanks Silvio,


We will remove this as a default option in the Selection Filter but leave it in there for the user that does want to select something when routing.  (Little known, if you click somewhere along an air wire while the Route command is running, if it can, it will bring the route to the cursor.). For now you can remove them from the Selection Filter panel by simply deselecting them.  I have done this a ton recently when the annoyance peaked doing a design for Autodesk University.  This sort of "real pain" has driven this higher on the priority list as we see what a bad idea this can be.


Thanks for confirming my bias :). This'll be handled from our end soon.


Best regards,


Matt - Autodesk

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Looks like it was a pretty easy fix for this.  Should be in the November update barring any major issues.  Thanks for reminding me Silvio. 


Matt - Autodesk

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Pih, there are many bugs that can be fixed with ez 😉
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Hi @silvio3105 

I hope you are doing well!

Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.15022.

Now the Airwire will not be activated by default in the Selection Filter.

Please have a try to see if it works for you.



Panpan Fan

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i am always selecting the airwires during the routing to see the signal distribution.

Please add the memory of this filter setting.


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