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Fastener suggestions - here are some more

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Fastener suggestions - here are some more

HI @Roman_Vesely and Autodesk. 


Love the new fasteners. I have a feature request to improve usage. On a given page of fastener types there is probably just one which is used 99% of the time. e.g. below I probably don't want drilled (they make those?) socket head screws, or slotted, or shoulder, or etc. It would be convenient if the common type could be indicated in the UI. Bold the fastener type title perhaps. In some places the common type is called 'Plain' but it varies. Otherwise I'm hunting through many pages looking for the basic common fastener type I need. A way to do this would be good. See below. 


Another minor point English is not a unit system type. If anything English is metric (the English went metric a long time ago, in 1965). I suggest "Imperial" instead. 


Some of my friends are having trouble getting fasteners going - I had to make some changes myself (which Autodesk explained in the release note) and I am a subscriber. I think adoption will be impaired as getting it going commonly requires some fiddling. 


Good stuff Autodesk. Fusion is a very nice tool. 




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@johnanger wrote:

Another minor point English is not a unit system type.

I wouldn't call that a minor point.

They must have had an intern do this...

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Hi Mr JohnAnger,

Yes, historically, the "English" adjective is not correct (if there is such thing as the proper history)
The essential units of length, inch and foot, still in use in some backward countries, have two origins.
The introduction of an inch is attributed to Scottish King David I about millennia ago as the average breadth of a man’s thumb at the base of the nail. You can not tell Scott that he is an Englishman, can you? It would be a gross offence ... thus, a Scottish adjective instead of English would be more appropriate.
Regarding foot … This unit has a much older historical origin ... so ancient that its imprint eroded greatly.
My theory is that Barney and Fred invented it at Wilma and Betty's request to standardize the distance to a fridge (full of beer). Consequently, the foot (left or right, nobody knows) was cast into bedrock by Dino and bitten deep into the heads of countless generations, of which some remnants still roam the Earth today.


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Hi  johnanger,


 thank you for your suggestions.


We are working on solution how to differentiate in UI preferable families.


WRT: the name convention for Unit systems (Metric , Enhlish) ... we did the same as we have in Fusion Preferences but we will look at it again, if we can improve it and do it more clear / readable for customers.


Best regards


Roman Vesely

Inventor - Principal QA Engineer

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