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Which Hub for Educators

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Which Hub for Educators

Hello, Just getting started with Forma with our students and I'm stuck at the first page: choose a hub, US or EU. I read through the help and it said that if you are in the EU use the EU  Hub, this mentioned for educators also. But our education accounts as far as I understand, certainly for ACC are hosted in the US. I wanted to make sure that if I choose EU for Forma that nothing is affected.


cheers Gordon

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Hi @gchisholm. The Forma Hub doesn't relate to ACC at all as of now, so you can make this choice depending on your own needs. If you make use of the EU option for Forma, nothing will change with your ACC Hub. 
Just let me know if you have any further questions. I am aware this is a tricky thing to navigate, happy to help.

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in reply to: gchisholm

Thanks Kasper, we have our trivarsity workshop starting 100 students in ten groups designing and master planning ten towers along Waterford north Quay Ireland. We're looking for them to utilise Forma in the design analysis. Much appreciated you offer to assit with any other queries, cheers Gordon

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Hi there, 

my name is Andrés and I work in the Forma Customer Success team, we would love to assist you with your student workshop - if it is not too late? 


I will send you a DM - 




Customer Success @ Forma 


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in reply to: Andres_Dsilva

Andres, That would be great. We have started this week and finish on Thursday. If possible we could set up a video call for you to do a demonstration. I can invite you to our ACC project where we have bridged in the ten student models to create our master plan model which would be great to run through Forma.

What time zone are you? It would be best if we could do this Wednesday sometime. Our students will have tried out Forma by then and should have some questions.


you can email me at


thanks Gordon

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