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Questions Related to Noise Analysis

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Questions Related to Noise Analysis

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions regarding the noise analysis feature:

  1. Currently, I've noticed that the noise analysis can only be performed on roads within the 'custom circle.' I'm wondering if there are plans to enable analysis within specific sites or zones that we define ourselves?

  2. I've observed that the analysis seems to focus solely on roads when a mass is defined. Can someone confirm if the analysis is limited to roads or if it considers other factors as well?

  3. Lastly, I'm curious to know if there are any upcoming updates related to the visualizations of the noise analysis on the massing?

Thank you

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1. Yes! We are working on the detailed noise analysis, where you can specify what areas to analyze.

2. You are correct, for now, the analysis is only simulating noise from roads. We don't know yet when we can prioritize extending it to consider other noise sources. Do you have any sources in mind you want to test? 

3. Referring back to point 1. When we will deliver the detailed noise analysis, this will also consider noise analysis on the massing.


Kind regards, Per

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In Spacemaker there was a feature to analyze 'view to point of interest' where one could draw in a custom area to display certain points of interest, allowing Spacemaker to analyze the visible amount of a selected point to that/that POI. (one of the features that got lost in the translation and we would love to see back in Forma)


It would be useful to add something like these POIs to the sound analysis as well. In this way one could add a modified area that (for example) represents a factory, discotheque or other noise-polluting building/site?

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Thank you for the input. We agree that it would be useful with more types of noise sources in a noise analysis. Currently, we have no plan for exploring that avenue, but we take the input into consideration going forward. 


Kind regards, Per

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Thanks for the detailed noise analysis. Please add other sound outputs. Perhaps this could even just be a point that you enter a dB level, percentage of day and direction. Most architects need to account for sound sources coming from buildings and transportation.

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