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What is Autodesk doing for the OpenStreetMap community?

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What is Autodesk doing for the OpenStreetMap community?

A lot of GIS data comes from those who volunteer to organize our cities on open platforms.

Many GIS software taps on this data produced by them. 

Some of this data is incomplete and can be easly adjusted in Forma ex: number of levels, actual heights; 

Can this extra information update in return the open databases ?





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Hi @Bogdan_Chipara
We don't have current plans to directly engage with OSM community, but we appreciate your feedback regarding Forma's potential to enhance OSM data quality. Your input will be considered as we develop our products. Thank you for reaching out.

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"Forma's potential to enhance OSM data quality."


You can already enhance OSM data quality by simply exporting the information you have from forma users that work on an urban site.

Once you have an OSM package users can publish it on web, for example. With what you already have you can achieve this goal with minimum effort.

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