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Please don't hide tools under hover

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Please don't hide tools under hover

You have plenty of space, why hide tools? Make them visible so people can learn faster.








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Hi, and thank you for your feedback! We're constantly trying to balance the UI architecture while keeping the interface simple, our challenge is that if we were to show all tools in the toolbar w/o some kind of grouping, the toolbar would be too long for the UI. Were you thinking most about the building tools or all of them? And if the latter, is there another kind of grouping you think would make sense? Again your feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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"keeping the interface simple"
By placing tools under hover you are actually complicating the UI instead of having it simple.
As a UX generic rule is to reduce the number of mechanics for users:
No hover tool dialogs, no long-click to expand; no 3key combo shortcuts, etc


"The toolbar would be too long for the UI"

I photoshopped it and it looks that it fits very well, and I also added extra bikepath tool.


please add bikepath - very important for green transport


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I'll bring it to the team, bike paths are certainly a great addition!

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer

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