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Send to Revit update

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Send to Revit update

Open your Spacemaker proposal as a model in Revit within minutes and pick up your work there.



For designers needing to add a greater level of detail to their Spacemaker proposals, we're happy to announce the latest iteration of our "Send to Revit" functionality. Send to Revit converts your Spacemaker proposal into a developed BIM, including terrain, buildings, site limits, and buildable area.


Much of the feedback we received was the need for a higher degree of control over what is brought in Revit, with different users needing different amounts of detail and different types of elements. Our latest release provides an interface for controlling what you are bringing into Revit and the way that Spacemaker elements are created as Revit elements. We've also added controls for alignment with Project North, finer control over Level creation, wall merging options, better positioning of projects to an expected "zero" elevation, and many bug fixes. 


This new version of the Send to Revit functionality is a required update. Users with the previous Beta version will need to update to continue using the capability and the new version allows for users to get all the functionality they have in the previous add-in. To get the latest version, go to the list of your proposals in the left-side panel and click on the three-dots menu of any proposal thumbnail, select Revit > Download Revit add-in.


For more detailed documentation on how to use Send to Revit see the online help here.


Release Highlights: 

  • The "Fetch" command has been renamed "Load" throughout the add-in.
  • New Load Options dialog allows you to choose which Spacemaker element types should be loaded into the Revit project.
  • Proposal buildings can be created as walls/floors/roofs, Generic Model elements, or both.
  • Many improvements to Levels based on your feedback: fewer levels are created, they have more appropriate names, and their extents in 2D and 3D views are cropped to the building geometry they intersect with. Levels can be named and made unique on either a per-building or per-project basis.
  • Walls are created with a top constraint to the level above, rather than an unconnected height.
  • Coplanar adjacent walls on the same level will be merged into a single wall. Optionally, identical walls on adjacent levels can be automatically merged into a single vertical wall.
  • Proposal building geometry will be centered on the Revit origin and georeferenced. Optionally, the site can also be automatically rotated (with Revit Project North) to orient the longest wall to the X or Y axis.
  • Satellite imagery can be applied to the Revit toposurface as a material.
  • Terrain can optionally be created as an editable toposurface (previously, it was always created non-editable, and the user would have to manually make it editable.)
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in reply to: kronz

I look forward to testing these new features!

Caoimhe Loftus


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in reply to: kronz

Your post will help a lot in studies.

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Rui Raoli
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in reply to: kronz

Great features and Capabilities

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Elmoataz Bellah Salem

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in reply to: kronz

Thank you, Zack!
We are still waiting on the NFR licenses. Can you help us with this?

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Hi Basam!
We would love to help you - I will DM you!
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in reply to: kronz

@kronz  Would love for our team to work with you on testing new features!

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in reply to: kronz

Zach, I am starting a new Revit project.  I linked a coordinately located CAD file, and acquired coordinates.   I was excited to see that the Spacemaker exported site came into the coordinately located file located accurately in the xy.  However, it didn't come into Revit at the proper elevation.  Am I missing a setting?

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in reply to: ebisagadunne

Aaah! I missed this reply. So sorry @ebisagadunne, yes, would love to get your input on the application. I'll reach out
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in reply to: SteveFong

Hi @SteveFong,
Thanks for trying it out. We are still ironing out some of the details, and one of them is Z location. If I understand your situation, you had an existing Revit file with an import in it, then brought in the Spacemaker geometry? Currently the Spacemaker loading process also overwrites the existing location data, and uses a couple of heuristics to try and estimate where the appropriate 0 elevation is. How far off was the elevation? I believe the current method is to locate 0 at either the center of the topo surface if there are no buildings loaded, or at the bottom of the lowest building if there are buildings loaded.
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in reply to: kronz

I 've had little to no troubles with Revit import, impressed with this development 🙂

But generic lines dont seem to join the journey from Forma online to Revit. Am I wrong?

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in reply to: kronz

I was searching through the forum in search of a solution to a Revit import problem I am struggling with and came across this line from the original post


"Optionally, the site can also be automatically rotated (with Revit Project North) to orient the longest wall to the X or Y axis."

I realize this was posted 2 years ago but I don't see this option available in the current Revit import tool. Currently, the building will simply get imported at whatever angle it is modeled in in relation to North in Forma. It would be really great if we could somehow specify which axis represents the Revit X or Y so the model imports at aligned for Revit project north. It looks like this was a feature at one point, but was removed? 

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in reply to: eklingerHFVZ3

We apologize for the inconvenience but that feature has been removed.

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in reply to: kronz

This post is about the version of the add-in that was used with Spacemaker/Forma Classic, which has since been retired.  Also, that feature didn't allow you to specify the axis, it was determined automatically based on the lengths of the buildings.  We did not see enough use of the feature, and had several issues with it, so it was not brought forward to the current version of the add-in.

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