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[Register for the live Webinar] Carbon analysis for architects in design, using Revit, Insight and Forma

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[Register for the live Webinar] Carbon analysis for architects in design, using Revit, Insight and Forma

AEC-EmbodiedCarbon-Webinar_Forma_Forum_1158x396.jpgLIVE WEBINAR

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 8 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. CEST/ 11 a.m. EDT

According to analysis by Architecture 2030, the built environment is responsible for over 40% of all global green-house gas emissions, resulting in 15.3 giga-tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere each year. While there is no easy path to zero carbon emissions in the built environment, as architects we can play the role of carbon hero – if we can get the right tools to unlock our super-powers. In fact, the most impactful decisions such as building form or primary materials are made during the planning and concept phase, often long before sustainability specialists get engaged in the process. 

In this webinar, hosted by architects Jesper Staahl, Cesar Escalante, and Stantec’s Jordan Lanoway, we’ll explore how new workflows to manage carbon in your projects are becoming available to architects, using tools in Revit, Forma and Insight. Learn how these are empowering architects to make robust, real-time, decisions as early as possible in the design phase. Intuitive dashboards enable architects to evaluate the tradeoffs between embodied and operational carbon and empowers the architecture industry to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. 


Overview DashboardOverview DashboardEC Details dashboardEC Details dashboard

What you’ll learn:  

  • The challenges architects face when looking to make a positive impact on the carbon footprint of their projects, presented by Stantec 
  • How Autodesk Forma’s embodied carbon analysis provides a better understanding of the carbon impacts from primary material choices and building form during site feasibility and massing studies  
  • How you can use Autodesk Insight as a simulation engine to run and compare design scenarios, and evaluate the tradeoffs between design decisions that affect both embodied and operational carbon 

About Autodesk’s Total Carbon Analysis 

Available with the AEC Collection, Total Carbon Analysis for Architects offers a new package of real-time carbon analysis tools that help you track the carbon footprint of a building from planning through detailed design. The package includes Embodied Carbon Analysis in Forma, which is supported by AI capabilities and enables architects to understand and test the impacts of their design decisions on carbon levels at the beginning of project planning, while they are designing. The webinar presents new capabilities for Revit and Autodesk Insight that equip architects with data and insights needed to measure carbon impacts from lighting, HVAC, building materials, and more, enabling smarter, more informed decisions around operational and embodied carbon at every design stage.


Can't attend live? Register anyway and we'll send you the webinar recording.

Register for the free Webinar now!

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