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Generative design features

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Generative design features



Autodesk Forma comes packed with a wide range of generative and automation features, such as corridors, parking, TestFit parking, and the ability to run grasshopper scripts within Forma using our ShapeDiver extension. Our aim is to provide customizable and granular generative design tools that seamlessly integrate with manual design.


Our team is currently working on the next wave of generative design tools to further accelerate early-phase design. Right now, we are exploring ways to combine these automations to enable users to perform rapid site studies.


We would love your help in identifying the best possible way to achieve this goal. To keep you updated on our progress, we invite you to join our mailing list for generative features. Our development team will use this list to share our progress and invite interested users to test prototypes and provide feedback. To sign up, please fill-in this form:


We welcome your questions and feedback in this thread as well.

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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We are all excited to see what you will build on Autodesk Forma!

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in reply to: ragnhild_milter

I am interested and have signed up!

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I just signed up. Thank you Ragnhild.

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Awesome! You are both on the mailing list:)

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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Really looking forward to this!! 


I just signed up for the mailing list!

Thanks 🙂 

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Until the generative design aspects have been sorted in the new Forma. Is there a way to create projects in the old format that can use some of the old tools? 🙂


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Hello Kyle!


Added to the mailing list. Unfortunately, you cannot, but this is certainly what we're trying to bring to Forma in this initiative! 


Talk soon via email,



Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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in reply to: ragnhild_milter

Just signed up! Looking forward to future follow-ups!

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in reply to: 1711485

I have changed my email and added it to!

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Hi there, 

I was wondering what happened to this generative design/analysis feature, cause it seems it already existed in Spacemaker:


What you mentioned in terms of generative tools (grasshopper coding etc) is not comparable to what existed in the software, already. 

I was planing to get the product solely because of this feature, otherwise, we are all spending way too much time on drafting and extruding 2D shapes to get 3D masses. 

Appreciate your answer. 


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hi @2689kingsway ,

Allow me to paste @espen.k.w.wold 's comment in this thread. Please fill in this form to keep up-to-date in our developments on generative design:

I confirm that the Explore functionality is not supported in Autodesk Forma projects. With Autodesk Forma, we are rebuilding our product on a new foundation that we are confident will - over time - make it far better in terms of customizability and interoperability with other design tools. However, we have not yet gotten to the point of building generative features in Autodesk Forma to solve the same problems that Explore solves in Classic. Doing so is high on our list, but making sure we do it well takes a bit of time.

We are currently focusing on the Line Building functionality, which is planned to serve as the foundation for generative features in the near future. While Line Buildings on their own is not a generative feature, they do combine very quick and easy drawing with customization (e.g. in manually drawing floor plans) that far exceeds their counterpart in Classic projects. If you find it worth your time to test out designing with Line Buildings, we would love your feedback! We think the way to make great generative features in Autodesk Forma will be by first making Line Buildings work really well. User feedback is invaluable to us in this effort!

I know this doesn’t really help you in getting generated suggestions for your site now but I thought I would give you more visibility into the direction we are taking. I hope you will still find it interesting to try Autodesk Forma projects. It would be great to hear your thoughts as we continue improving it over the weeks and months to come.

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Thanks a lot for your response. Really appreciate it.

It would be great to know a timeline for when to expect to see this feature in Forma. 





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in reply to: ragnhild_milter

Thanks, have signed up to this. Really excited to be able to include meaningful uses of generative design to our undergad students. Is there any estimation on the timeline here? 

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Hi, I'm interested in collaborating

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in reply to: n.moore3

Hi, thank you for your interest, and personally very excited about using the product in education! Though it's always difficult to define a timeline for these things as they undergo development as long as needed to meet the user needs, I can say it is something we're currently working on and set to have in the product shortly after summer.

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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Hello, I also only thought of using the new forma because of the former "explore Tool" from spacemaker. Do you know if the future features will work the same way / offer the same design service at that one former tool? will it be ready, you think, in September? thanks very much


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Hi, the feature will likely not work the same way as the former tool, but it will offer much of the same functionality! I'm afraid I'll have to refrain from stating a specific date though.

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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in reply to: ragnhild_milter

Where are the Spacemaker "Explore/Generate" features? Do you know if those are coming back after the summer? Similarly perhaps? 

I used to work with Spacemaker for my classes at university, and now I am trying Autodesk Forma. Unfortunately, I can not find a key feature for me which was the "explore" (generate) button that generated automatic projects from which I could choose one. 


Could anyone please help me where this feature went or if there is any expected similar tool and when will it be available? 


Many thanks and have a nice day

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sounds very promissing. Looking forward to test it!

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