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Generative design features

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Generative design features



Autodesk Forma comes packed with a wide range of generative and automation features, such as corridors, parking, TestFit parking, and the ability to run grasshopper scripts within Forma using our ShapeDiver extension. Our aim is to provide customizable and granular generative design tools that seamlessly integrate with manual design.


Our team is currently working on the next wave of generative design tools to further accelerate early-phase design. Right now, we are exploring ways to combine these automations to enable users to perform rapid site studies.


We would love your help in identifying the best possible way to achieve this goal. To keep you updated on our progress, we invite you to join our mailing list for generative features. Our development team will use this list to share our progress and invite interested users to test prototypes and provide feedback. To sign up, please fill-in this form:


We welcome your questions and feedback in this thread as well.

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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Hello everyone, we've now released the first version of our first feature in this effort! Check out the update here [link news article]. Note that this is our first release, and we'll continue to develop the feature to meet the user's needs, so please have a go at the feature in our product and tell us what you think! How can we make this feature better for your project?

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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We have just released an update to our Explore feature, which now lets you generate roads and vegetation together with your buildings. Try it out - we'd be thrilled to hear what you think!

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer
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Just signed up to participate!  I'm really interested from a Preconstruction point of view how this can help us with conceptual estimating, building our historical data and providing better design, sustainability, logistics, and other choices for our clients.  Looking forward to updates!  

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Insrito, gostaria de usar o Forma em um projeto de recuperação paisagistica de uma área degrada que estamos desenvolvendo.





"Having registered, I would like to use Forma in a landscaping restoration project for a degraded area that we are developing."

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