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Forma Circulation and Floor Plan Total Unit Counts

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Forma Circulation and Floor Plan Total Unit Counts

I am working with a line based building and have tried both the circulation and floor plan tools to divide the building into units. In each case I am not able to see the total unit count anywhere. Is this function missing or is it hiding somewhere I have not looked? 

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This functionality is not yet implemented.
(Although you can see the number of units for each floor inside the Floor Plan drawing mode)

The reason is that our first iteration of Area Metrics (which is where we want to add such a count) only considers the gross areas of each floor of each building, with all stats calculated from those areas according to the user specified metric definitions. This simplicity let us safely move fast before the launch of Forma, and we are now starting the work of figuring out how to allow users to define Area Metrics that depend on the internal plans of the floors to provide more accurate estimates. Just counting the number of units is a very simple example of this (and probably the first extension we'll make to Area Metrics), but we want to make sure we are thinking about stats based on internal plans holistically: it is very important for us to make sure the added complexity - and power to customise more finely than today! - does not end up making it hard to understand how the Area Metrics work.


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I do understand the metrics changes, but right now when you have the massing and you assign Residential, it calculates with a rate of X=1092sf per/unit, by dividing the Gross area / X, giving the result for the Units in the residential Volume. What if we want this SF/unit to be lower-higher or simple different for different Levels? Is this possible to adjust? I have not been able to find a place to do so. HELP?


Thanks in advance!

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