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I'm really missing view, obstruction angle and train noise analysis.

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I'm really missing view, obstruction angle and train noise analysis.

I find it reallt frustrating (and weird) that you removed the classic version of Forma / Spacemaker, before all the analyse functions are working in the new version. I have been missing the train noise analysis for some time, but today I discovered that both view and the obstruction angle version of daylight are also missing. That means that I'm only able to do half of my analysis!

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Thank you for your feedback. We understand that it is frustrating that not all functionality from the previous version is available. We have focused on enabling the analyses for more complex geometries and supporting analyses that are most widely used in many markets first. We are constantly updating our analysis support, please follow our News section to see our updates. Train noise and view analysis are features we are looking into adding to Forma. As obstruction angle had lower usage in our Classic version, we don't have any plans of adding this to Forma at the moment. However, we have opened up Forma platform to enable other external providers to add analysis capabilities.


Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager

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