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Detailed wind analysis - NEN 8100

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Detailed wind analysis - NEN 8100

Good afternoon,


I’m currently researching and testing the usage of Forma for wind nuisance tests.

As I was testing and reviewing the results, I noticed an apparent misusage of the NEN 8100 (Dutch standard for wind nuisance and wind hazard in the Built Environment).


The NEN 8100 divides wind in two separate classifications:

  1. Windhinder (wind nuisance)
  2. Windgevaar (wind hazard)


Currently in Forma there is only one, which somewhat combines these two into a single classification.

Also, in the classification used in Forma, shows different percentages than the Dutch standard.

I’ve discussed these differences with two of my colleagues, and they could also not see a correct usage of the NEN 8100 in Forma.

In the attatchment you can see a more detailled explanation of my findings, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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in reply to: oduijl

Hey! Thanks for your feedback. As you mention, we don't fully support the NEN 8100 standard as is stated in our documentation (see We will note down your feedback for adding full support for that standard.  


However, you have also correctly pointed out a typo in our documentation in the rapid wind analysis legend. The "walking" and "uncomfortable" thresholds are wrong, and should not be 10% and 15%, but 20% and >20%. We will fix that immediately. Note that this is purely a typo in the documentation, while the actual computation has been consistent with the correct thresholds. 


Hope that clarified your questions!



Engineer @ Autodesk Forma 

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in reply to: oduijl

Thank you for your quick response and rectification! Just to clarify something, the results of the detailed wind analysis are according to the same thresholds for wind nuisance as you’ve now adjusted in the rapid analysis?

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in reply to: oduijl

Correct! The thresholds for rapid and detailed wind should be the same. The pedestrian comfort is documented more thoroughly in this article:

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