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Affect of the defined floor plan on EUI analysis

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Affect of the defined floor plan on EUI analysis

I try to defined the different type of space in floor plan. As I tested the analysis (especially on area metric and energy), there are no difference at all. I explored that I cannot specify any custom area metric to get only unit area (or any space type, such as office, rentable etc.) excluded the core and corridor. This will be useful for the early stage. For the energy, no matter what's the floor plan you created, the consumption will be the same. In fact, the area of corridor and core should be affected to the energy consumption. 

Thank you

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in reply to: ThitipatP

Hi, and thanks for reaching out!

You are quite right that at the moment the floor plans are not taken into account by any of the analyses. 

We are currently working on extending the Area metrics to use the floor plan information, so that metrics can be configured to treat the various types of areas in different ways.

We are not currently working on using the floor plans in any other analyses, but this is something we think is very interesting for the future!

Thank you for the feedback!

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in reply to: ThitipatP

Hope to see these features soon

Thank you

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