A Solution for the Fragmented Construction Industry


Construction is Collaborative Yet Fragmented


The construction industry is a complex one, with many different stakeholders involved in the process of bringing a building or infrastructure project to life. From architects and engineers to contractors and subcontractors, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be coordinated to ensure a successful project.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the construction industry is the fragmentation of data. With so many different people and companies involved in a project, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the information that is being generated. This can lead to problems such as scattered information, disconnected workflows, lack of collaboration, and unreliable data.





Autodesk Construction Cloud Offers a Solution


Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is a powerful platform that can help construction teams to collaborate and manage data more effectively, helping to break down silos and improve collaboration. The ACC provides a comprehensive Common Data Environment, a central repository for all project data. It is a shared space where all stakeholders can access and use information from multiple sources. CDEs are essential for improving collaboration and communication between stakeholders, and they can help to reduce errors and improve project efficiency.




ACC is based on three pillars: data workflows, design app integration, and federation of data.


  • Data Workflows: Autodesk Construction Cloud provides a central repository for all project data. This makes it easy for team members to access the information they need and helps ensure that everyone is working on the same version of the plans.
  • Design App Integration: Autodesk Construction Cloud integrates with a variety of design apps, making it easy for teams to collaborate on projects. This integration allows teams to share files, track changes, and collaborate on designs in real-time.
  • Federation of Data: Autodesk Construction Cloud federates data from different sources, making it easy for teams to access and use information from multiple systems. This federation of data helps to break down silos and improve collaboration.




Autodesk Construction Cloud is based on ISO-19650, an international standard for information management in the built environment. ISO-19650 provides a framework for managing information throughout the lifecycle of a building or infrastructure project. This framework helps to ensure that information is accurate, complete, and accessible to all stakeholders.


Autodesk Construction Cloud Products


Autodesk Construction Cloud includes a variety of products that help teams collaborate and manage data more effectively. Some of these products are:


  • Autodesk Docs: A document management system that helps teams store, share, and collaborate on project documents.



  • Autodesk Build: A project management system for the construction phase that helps teams to track progress, manage budgets, and communicate with stakeholders.



  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate: A collaboration platform that helps teams to share and review BIM models.



  • Autodesk Takeoff: A takeoff solution that helps teams to estimate the cost of construction projects, based on intelligent parameters of the BIM models or even plain 2D documentation.







In addition to the products mentioned above, Autodesk Construction Cloud also allows for the integration with a vast market of available third-party apps and the creation of new ones through Autodesk Platform Services. This gives teams the flexibility to choose the tools that best meet their needs.




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